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By: Marketing Team on June 17th, 2020

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Setting Up a VoIP System for Your Business


A VoIP system is your magic bullet if you are looking to reduce business costs and upgrade your communications network simultaneously. In this article, learn more on how and why should you set up a VoIP phone system.

There is a list of reasons why you would want to switch out your old landline system with VoIP. Let’s look at what a VoIP phone system is and how it can benefit your business.

What Exactly Is a VoIP Phone System?

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The term “VoIP” is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a system that uses an internet connection to make and receive calls over the internet. In most cases, you can use an existing network, so there’s no need to run more cables.

VoIP systems require less hardware to set up and can integrate with a computer to allow features like voicemail-to-email, click-to-call, and more.

What Are the Advantages of VoIP?

Here are some reasons why you want to set up a VoIP system for your business:

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  • A VoIP system can save money for your business.
  • You can make calls from anywhere with a decent internet connection, allowing your team to be more mobile and flexible.
  • Your VoIP (also known as a virtual number) is entirely portable. You can travel the world and have the same phone number.
  • You can scale up VoIP as your business needs grow. You don’t have to buy expensive (or any!) hardware or dedicated lines to meet usage demand.
  • VoIP comes with advanced features for small and large businesses.
  • Voice quality is clearer (as long as your internet connection is stable.)
  • VoIP lets you send documents, images, and videos all while taking a call. VoIP systems allow you to hold more integrated meetings with clients and staff in every corner of the globe.
  • VoIP systems allow for enhanced security for businesses.

Once you’ve decided that transitioning to VoIP is the right move for you, let’s move on to setting up your plan.

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Here is How to Set Up a VoIP System in Your Office

1. Identify how many users you need to prepare.

More users and higher call volume will require a faster and more stable internet connection.

2. Check your internet speeds. 

Make sure your current plan can handle the call volume requirements.

3. Set a VoIP budget.

A set budget will force you to focus on getting the VoIP bonuses you need (and ignore the ones you don’t.) Whenever possible, pay annually to save even more off of your bill.

4. Determine which features you need the most.

Write down what you want to do with your VoIP service (like holding conference calls and calling while on the road.) Research which VoIP features directly relate to your specific business needs and use cases.

5. Select a VoIP service.

Choose a service with all the features you will need within the budget you set.

6. Order your hardware.

You can use most VoIP services without the need for specialized hardware; you can use your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. However, some dedicated VoIP phones have unique features you may or may not need.

7. Configure your VoIP system.

Connect to your ethernet or WiFi and configure a couple of settings, and you’re up and running.  Of course, we can do this for you! Contact us. 

Set Up a VoIP Phone System to Save Money and Modernize Your Business Today.

You have every reason to invest in a VoIP phone system. You have a modern system that’s easy to use, and it will save you money over a landline system. Bring your business into the 21st century with a VoIP system today.VoIP Internet-based Phone Systems