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IT Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Get the IT flexibility your organization needs without sacrificing patient privacy and confidentiality.

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Don't let mismanaged data put your practice at risk

Is your health organization feeling the pressure of protecting patient health information and complying with HIPAA? Patient care is your number one priority. You shouldn't have to spend time worrying about cyberattacks or compliance violations. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Managed IT for Healthcare

Looking for managed IT for healthcare for better, 24/7 support? Read this comprehensive guide to Managed IT Services.

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Excellent response time

"Excellent response time. I could not do my tasks because my 2nd monitor was frozen even after restarting it. The technician's expert and prompt resolution of my problem made my day!"

Barbara S. | Sage Hospice and Palliative Care

Great Job and was Thorough

"The technician did a great job and was thorough. The issue was fixed and ITS double-checked some background settings to verify those were correct and make sure there were no hacks or viruses (computer illnesses) from unwelcome emails. Thank You!"

Michele G. | Rowpar Pharmaceuticals

With ITS, there's always a solution

"The Team Lead who answered my call is always on top of things. She works with a great attitude always about everything. With ITS, there's always a solution."

Karla S. | Front Office Clinic Lead, Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery

Get efficient healthcare IT solutions that support excellent patient care

Today’s healthcare environment requires managing a large expanse of medical data. We understand that your workflows depend on 100% uptime. With Managed IT solutions for healthcare, you can feel confident knowing you have: 

  • Fully HIPAA-compliant IT
  • Multi-layered cybersecurity
  • Privacy risk assessments and mitigation
  • Reliable data backup, so you can quickly recover in case of breach and disasters
  • On-call technicians that are ready to address your emergencies
  • Feature-rich apps and tools that will improve your productivity

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Secure your IT infrastructure today

You deserve the same professionalism and expertise as your patients and clients. Schedule a free consultation and get answers to your most pressing network and security questions.

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