Technology issues were distracting Carol from building her business. Plus, she was tired of having to manage her IT company. She was:

  • Upset with constant technology problems
  • Concerned about her old phone system
  • Frustrated with slow internet
  • Tired of slow response times
  • Felt nickeled and dimed
  • And just wanted everything to work

After she learned how Intelligent Technical Solutions helps business owners handle their technology needs, she called for a free consultation.

A specialist came into Carol’s office and reviewed her technology needs, her concerns, and her vision for the future.

Carol’s advice to you: "Give ITS a call today for your free technology assessment to explore solutions that work so you can get back to what really counts, your business!"


Carol is now focused on her primary goal of growing her business to become the company of her dreams.

She turned to ITS and now has access to…

  • Someone to call 24/7, including weekends
  • Safe and secure data backups
  • Protection against hackers and viruses
  • Consulting to leverage technology in her business
  • Fixed fee billing that she can budget monthly
  • IT services and IT support under one roof


ITS offers the industry's best guarantee for IT services and performance:

  • ITS guarantees its quality of service. If it’s not fixed the first time, you won’t be billed to do it again.
  • ITS has weekend and 24 hour support.
  • ITS only offers the industry's best brands to provide the most reliable and best products and IT services available.
  • ITS offers an unconditional 365 day total satisfaction guarantee on all technology service plans or the agreement can be canceled within 30 days. Don’t get stuck with lackluster support.

You’ll notice we don’t hide behind small print, legalese, or other weasel clauses in our guarantee. That’s because we are completely confident in our ability to fix whatever problems you have and make you thrilled that you are doing business with us!