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Embrace the Power of Collaboration with Cloud Managed Services

Improve your company's agility, data security, and efficiency with Cloud Services from ITS.

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What is the Cloud

Make collaboration issues a thing of the past

Is your company being slowed down by clunky communication systems? Do you lack the storage space and security to scale? Stop wasting time on common collaboration issues and move forward with cloud managed services.

You are likely lagging behind the competition if:

  • Your business still relies on physical servers that may have unreliable performance and security
  • You are still constantly paying for hardware purchase and maintenance fees
  • Your team is unable to collaborate online and deliver quality work remotely
  • You are constantly worried about data breaches and other cyberattacks that might compromise your network-based protections

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Get started with Cloud Services in 3 simple steps

  • Meet Up

  • Get Integrated

  • Scale Up

Meet Up

Schedule a meeting with a Cloud Managed Services expert. You can tell us about your business and help us understand your priorities and needs.

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Get Integrated

After you've approved our proposal, we'll seamlessly implement your ITS-standard infrastructure so you immediately start benefiting from your partnership with us.

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Scale Up

We handle the infrastructure and software so you can focus on company growth. Increasing the number of licenses or expanding and enhancing applications is easy.

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Enjoy the many benefits of migrating to the Cloud

Worry-free cloud managed services, including migration and upkeep, help you maximize productivity and efficiency. Migrate your existing systems to the cloud leap ahead of the pack.

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Improve Data Security

Allow easy yet secure access to all your business files and systems by storing them on robustly protected, geo-redundant virtual servers


Boost Agility and Efficiency

Enable your teams to collaborate and deliver quality work from anywhere, on any internet-connected device and watch your efficiency rise


Save Money

Get access to countless cutting-edge collaboration tools in the cloud while also saving on hardware maintenance fees

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Computing

Many businesses are moving their operations to the cloud and for good reasons. Is the cloud right for you? Learn more about what cloud computing is, its different types, and the cost of migrating your business to the cloud by reading this ultimate guide.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Things to Know About Cloud Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cloud?

Who is the Cloud a good fit for?

Is the Cloud safe?

How does the Cloud differ from my actual desktop experience?

What are the considerations when moving to the Cloud?

Read what our clients say about partnering with ITS

Enterprise-grade IT Services and Solutions that makes everything work to your business advantage, backed by reliable IT Support

“Previously, we were using on-prem servers from 2012 that were dying. Once our servers started failing us, we knew that there was no option but to either replace the in-house servers or move to the cloud, and that was really not even a question. Admins in the office could not look up data, we couldn't send out quotes, we couldn't print work orders. ITS showed us that the cloud was the way to go.”

Rhonda Lanue | Executive Vice President, Lyons Roofing

Lyons Roofing ITS Testimonial

“Over the years, ITS implemented technology appropriate for the times and for the mission of the organization. They're always looking out for what's best for us, like moving things to the cloud. Right now, we have our on-prem servers, so now they're transitioning us to the cloud, and these are all steps forward to a more enhanced security technology for a company that's been around for over 100 years.”

Sarahvon Buenavista | IT Ops Director, United Way Bay Area

United Way Bay Area ITS Testimonial

“We've always maintained on-site servers, and we've upgraded servers over time, which is a huge investment of time and money. The service quotient in those projects has been really terrific.”

Kevin Peters | Chief Executive Officer, The Wiseman Group

The Wiseman Group ITS Testimonial

Get Your Business Ready to Move to the cloud

Schedule a meeting with one of our Cloud Managed Service experts to learn about your unique needs and create your custom integration plan. 

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Get Your Business Ready to Move to the cloud

Schedule a meeting with one of our Cloud Managed Service experts to learn about your unique needs and create your custom integration plan. 

Schedule a Meeting Cloud Ultimate Guide