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Advance Your Research Painlessly with Managed IT

In the age of cutting-edge research, you need technology that can keep up with your needs.

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Lose the Stress, but Never Time

Biotechnology is a highly competitive field, but it’s all too easy for IT maintenance to get lost in the journey to innovation. Unmanaged IT can cause:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Unreasonable downtime
  • High security risks
  • Possible government fines
  • Unnecessary stress

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Issue was fixed and they double-checked further settings

"The technician did a great job and was thorough. The issue was fixed and ITS double-checked some background settings to verify those were correct and make sure there were no hacks or viruses (computer illnesses) from unwelcome emails. Thank You!"

Michele G. | Rowpar Pharmaceuticals

A remote session was done to help solve the issue

"I encountered a pop-up error message from my remote desktop and I'm glad that somebody from ITS reached out to me immediately. A remote session was done to help solve the issue. "

Terry R. , Executive Assistant | Health Services Coalition

I can count on ITS techs to answer my questions in a patient and honest way

"Whenever I have a technically challenging issue, I can count on ITS techs to answer my questions in a patient and honest way."

Jonathan R. | President, Bizwala, Inc

Stretch science’s limits with seamless IT

Take out any IT obstacles and support your team to do what they do best. Managed IT provides the following services, and more, to help your company thrive.

  • Communication-ready for that brilliant Biotechnology breakthrough moment.
  • Accessible data and research across the globe, anytime. Anywhere.
  • Secured industry secrets with security services, like managed firewall, intrusion detection, a virtual private network (VPN), and antiviral services.
  • Data dashboards to drive research decisions and progress.
  • Wireless and Mobile computing so you can log data on the fly.
  • Top-notch infrastructure management to avoid downtime and have more time for discoveries.

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Protect your industry secrets with a reliable IT infrastructure

Let your team do what they do best. Focus on that impactful research rather than worrying about your IT Technology. Schedule a free consultation with our experts and get answers to your most pressing network and security questions.

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