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Don't let your technology slow you down

IT downtime can hurt not just your productivity, but also, the trust you've built with your clients. In a field that values efficiency and precision, outdated IT can cause: 

  • Downtime and Lost Efficiency
  • Miscommunication with Suppliers and Clients
  • Missed Deadlines and Opportunities
  • Low Morale and Frustrated Clients

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Satisfied Client Testimonial

"We have been working with ITS for over twenty years. I have recommended ITS to other firms in our industry, and they've been happy. When taking care of your IT household, you can't afford to go down. Go ahead an make the investment to take care of your IT, and do it with a trusted partner. That's been ITS for us."

Kevin Peters | The Wiseman Group

Kevin Peters Wiseman Group

It's truly a pleasure to be working with ITS

"Instead of making several phone calls every few months, I'm able to focus on my business and leave my hardware and software concerns to ITS. It's truly a pleasure to be working with them."

Brian L., IT Coordinator | , Paul Steelman Design Group

The service was perfect

"I encountered a problem accessing the server. ITS took care of it. The service was perfect."

Greg H. | Real Restoration

The ITS team is always honest

"The ITS team is always honest and follows up with my customers in a timely matter. I would feel confident in recommending them to anybody that has an IT need here in Las Vegas."

Scott C. | IKON Office Solutions

Managed IT Can Be Part of Your Blueprint for Success

A reliable IT infrastructure lets you focus on what matters most; designing the future of your business. Managed IT can deliver the following to help your organization make the most of your technology: 

  • Setup a reliable phone system to streamline conferences and video calls, so you can brainstorm plans and designs efficiently for your clients.
  • Get work done anytime and anywhere, securely. Hosted cloud can help you collaborate with your team and coordinate with suppliers across the globe.
  • Keep your ideas and client information safe from prying eyes with critical security services. Those include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network (VPN) and antiviral services.
  • In an industry that highly values time management and precision, data analytics can help you make sound, data-driven decisions to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Effectively reduce downtime and improve connection quality so you can meet deadlines, and deliver the high-quality output your industry demands.

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Make the most out of technology today

Let the experts focus on your IT needs, so you can focus on delivering for your client's design needs. Schedule a free consultation and get answers to your most pressing network and security questions.

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