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By: Kharmela Mindanao on November 14th, 2023

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8 Tasks Bing Chat Enterprise Can Do for You

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Are you looking for a way to boost your productivity, creativity, and efficiency in your work? Do you want to save time and money by delegating some of your tasks to a smart and reliable chatbot?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Bing Chat Enterprise is a tool for you.  

Bing Chat Enterprise is Microsoft’s answer to ChatGPT. Despite being a major investor in Open AI, they’ve launched Bing Chat Enterprise for heavy users of the Microsoft digital ecosystem.  

As a Microsoft Gold partner and managed IT service provider (MSP) for companies using Microsoft, here at Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS), we decided to explain the eight tasks that Bing Chat Enterprise can do and how it can improve your productivity.   

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what Bing Chat Enterprise is and how it can make your work easier and more enjoyable. 

1. Compile research 

Compile ResearchBing Chat Enterprise can quickly provide information and answers from the web - whether it’s news, weather, facts, or definitions. It also offers relevant suggestions and advertisements based on your intent and context. 

It pulls information from open-access data on the internet and allows you to filter results by date, source, language, and more. You can even ask Bing Chat Enterprise to analyze any image you provide or find online, allowing you to compile information about the picture easily.   

However, always get someone to check the answers. Multiple cases of AI hallucination have caused real-life repercussions. For instance, in June 2023, a judge fined two lawyers and a law firm $5,000 each for submitting fictitious legal research from ChatGPT. 

2. Create written content 

Written ContentBased on user input and preferences, Bing Chat Enterprise quickly creates content like poems, stories, code, summaries, and lyrics. While there is a definite pattern, and a well-trained eye can easily tell if it’s AI, the generated content is an excellent starting point for idea generation.   

Bing Chat Enterprise also has three modes: balanced, creative, and precise, to suit different user needs and preferences. You can choose among the three modes if you need a specific answer style. There are also different tones (professional, casual, enthusiastic, etc.) and output types (paragraphs, bullet points, social media posts, etc.) you can decide on.   

3. Help editing and proofreading 

ProofreadingAnother valuable task Bing Chat Enterprise can do is to help you rewrite, improve, or optimize content. Bing Chat does not add your input content to train their AI, providing peace of mind for anyone concerned with sensitive company data 

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4. Create or draw images  

Drawing an ImageBased on your requests or suggestions, Bing Chat Enterprise can create images you can use. From hyperrealistic to cartoonish pictures, Bing can provide graphics if you are in a tight spot. 

It can also create infographic template suggestions. The resulting images still need tweaking in the careful eye of a graphic designer, but it still works as an excellent tool for overcoming creative block.   

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5. Create code 

Code CreationYou can create an entire webpage or program with Bing Chat Enterprise without knowing anything about coding. 

It does come with the same drawback AI-generated written content and images have; you still need an actual coding expert to look at the code and implement it correctly. 

However, this is a powerful tool for creating the first rough draft of code if your programmer is stuck on a particularly tricky task.  

6. Adjust formatting 

Text FormattingAnother feature that makes Bing Chat Enterprise stand out is its ability to present information visually. Bing Chat Enterprise can format different pieces of content to create rich and engaging messages that include headings, tables, lists, code blocks, and LaTeX expressions 

For example, Bing Chat Enterprise can use headings to: 

  • Divide a long message into sections,  
  • Tables to display data or comparisons,  
  • Lists to offer multiple options or suggestions,  
  • Code blocks to show formatted content such as code or lyrics, and  
  • LaTeX expressions to write mathematical formulas or equations.  

By using these visual elements, Bing Chat Enterprise can enhance the clarity, readability, and attractiveness of information and make a lasting impression on your audience. 

7. Analyze data 

Analyze DataBing Chat Enterprise can quickly analyze data and draw rudimentary conclusions from it. Since it is integrated into Microsoft Edge, tabs with images, spreadsheets, or PDFs are easily scannable. You can get a direct answer to questions like: 

  • “What are our expected expenses in ten years?”  
  • “Who are the current and projected important customers?” 
  • “Are there any patterns in customer feedback that can inform product improvements?” 

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8. Summarize information 

Summarize InformationAnother hugely beneficial feature of Bing Chat Enterprise is the ability to summarize information directly from PDFs, webpages, images, and written documents. You will no longer need to slog through pages and pages of reports since Bing can now do that for you.  

When you want to summarize a web page, PDF, or document, you can open the Discover sidebar by clicking the Bing button in the top right corner of the Edge browser. You can then type “summarize this page” or “generate page takeaways,” and Bing Chat will give you a summary of the main points of the text. 

You can also ask Bing Chat to summarize a topic by typing “summarize X” or “give me an overview of X” and immediately get an answer.   

Ready to use AI technology to maximize productivity? 

Bing Chat Enterprise is a powerful tool despite its current limited availability. Due to the lightning-fast pace of technology, it is easy to tune out yet another tool that claims to improve our workflow.  

But, knowing the capabilities of Bing Chat Enterprise is a massive step in leveraging technology to put yourself ahead of the competition. Whether you want to summarize, analyze, extract, or visualize information, Bing Chat Enterprise can help you do it faster and easier.   

And as an MSP dedicated to keeping up with technology, we know how much the right tools can keep you ahead of the game. 

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