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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on September 21st, 2023

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What to Know About Windows Server 2012 End-of-Life [Video]

Microsoft 365 | Video

windows server 2012 EOL

Windows Server 2012 will reach end-of-life on October 10, 2023. Learn what it means for your business and what steps to take by watching this video. 

0:37 Challenges of using Windows 2012 Server post-EOL 

  1. Security vulnerabilities
  2. Non-compliance
  3. Compatibility issues
  4. Operational inefficiency
  5. Higher costs

1:29 Options for moving away from Windows Server 2012 

  1. Upgrade to Newer Microsoft OS
  2. Move to the Cloud
  3. Use Extended Security Updates (ESU)

With the upcoming deadline, be sure to stay on top of any server in your business still running on Windows Server 2012. To learn more about your Windows Server 2012 options, contact your local client account manager.

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