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By: Marketing Team on May 4th, 2022

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Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity; The Key to Safety


The cyber threat landscape has immensely changed in recent years. Incidents that made headlines a few years ago became typical cyberattacks of today. 

Hackers moved to more sophisticated attack methods to bypass even the most advanced defense programs. They have also learned to make profits out of odd records like medical data, airline reward miles, and many others. 

A hacker on a laptop

But the bigger problem in today's landscape isn't the increase in numbers alone. The difficulty in detecting them has also become a severe issue. Gone are the days of loud pop-outs and alarms, as today's hackers are subtle in their movements.  

Often, their prey will not realize the breach in their system until it's too late. Nowadays, it takes a business an average of 3 months to detect a breach. This is enough time for a hacker to steal essential data and generate lasting damage. 

Another worrying tendency with today's attacks is that hackers can now alter data while in a network. Tweaking some info might sound harmless but imagine what can happen when it's done in a healthcare environment. Altering such records can lead to a misdiagnosis that risks a patient's life. 

Luckily, all hope is not gone. Experts are now working on further improving today's cybersecurity using artificial intelligence (AI).  

At Intelligent Technical Solutions, we help hundreds of businesses maintain a threat-free network by providing advanced cybersecurity programs. We are committed to helping you make intelligent IT decisions by transforming complex technical information into simple and easy-to-pick-up materials. 

This article will help you understand the benefits of AI-driven cybersecurity and how it reduces risks for your business. 

What Hackers Are Saying About Your Defense 

A survey conducted at Defcon 2016 – a global hacking and security conference – discovered that 88% of hackers could infiltrate their target's system within 12 hours. 81% of these respondents even said they could steal data in that timeframe and remain undetected for up to 100 days. 

The respondents added that firewalls and antiviruses rarely do anything to stop them. They use unique techniques to mislead countermeasures and bypass security programs. 

It means that conventional cyberdefenses are no longer as effective as we thought. This puts thousands of businesses, both big and small, at significant risk.  

To combat that, IT experts looked for a program that can adapt to the changing landscape of cyber threats. Thus, the incorporation of AI into cybersecurity. 

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Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity 

U.K.-based company Darktrace was among the first to incorporate AI with cybersecurity. Their technology was based on the human immune system. It detects and responds to foreign threats without compromising its environment. 

Its program uses advanced algorithms for detecting and suppressing attacks. It analyzes the routines of users and devices for immediate detection of suspicious activities. This method helps in exposing masked attacks and prowlers.  

Like antibodies, the program slows down and halts compromised connections and unverified devices. 

Furthermore, AI's threat detection and investigation process are more effective than conventional software operating systems. Its accurate threat recognition and proactive systems probe will keep attackers at bay. 

AI's ability to scan and process hundreds of data at once is valuable for cybersecurity. It can tackle many threats at once without issue. To top it off, it also can detect new or modified versions of cyberthreats. 

The Role of AI and Humans in Your Security 

AI and Human working together

AI can boost your security, but relying on machines alone is a big mistake. Let's not forget that your staff is also a critical component of your defensive measures. 

Educating employees on the dangers of cyber threats is far more helpful than most think. The professional hackers surveyed at Defcon attested to how vital training can be. When your employees know what to look for, they can act as your first line of defense. 

The combination of people and technology is your best weapon against cyber threats. A multi-layered approach is what will keep your business secure at all times. 

Are You Willing to Incorporate AI in your Cyberdefense? 

The truth is, you will experience a breach at some point. Having the right resources to suppress that breach is crucial. It can be the difference between saving or losing your business. 

Investing in AI-driven cybersecurity will boost your defense against cyberattacks. Moreover, it will reduce the risks your business face. It will also allow your team to have peace of mind and concentrate on their actual role. 

Here at ITS, we help businesses create a strong defense against cyber threats using a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity and raising awareness about them.  

If you want to learn more about how you can better defend your business from cyber threats, read our article entitled 7 Steps to IT Security. 

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