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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on November 1st, 2023

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Windows 10 EOL: What You Need to Know [Video]

Microsoft 365

windows eol

Microsoft's Windows 10 faces its final feature update and will reach end-of-life in October 2025. This means an end to security updates and support. To safeguard your business, it's crucial to plan ahead, especially if you have numerous devices. Stay informed and budget wisely to avoid potential security risks with unsupported software in the future. 

0:53 What’s the impact of Windows 10 EOL? 

2:03 What are your options? 

There’s still some time before Windows 10 reaches EOL, but we suggest you start the budgeting and planning process now as a complete transition typically takes months to years to complete depending on the size of your organization.  

If you need help, ITS is ready to offer you assistance with the process. We'll help you determine the best course of action and ensure your tech is aligned with your business goals. Reach out to one of our experts to learn more about how our services can benefit your business. 

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