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By: Marketing Team on December 19th, 2020

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Top Tips to Improve Network Performance

Computer Network

A slow network will always reduce productivity. A fast network is a key to being able to complete jobs when you need them. It’s not just about the speed of the network, but also network performance. Learn more on how you can improve your network performance. 

There is nothing more frustrating than having a slow file uploading when suddenly the network drops. Or maybe you are on a crucial call and suddenly the call drops while you are closing a sale. 

Practically every business relies on its network’s performance every single day. This is basically as important as having power in a building, or working telephones. Without a good network, a business will almost always stay behind the competition.

How to Boost Your Network Performance and Connection Speed?

But spending more money on a better network is not always the best solution. Most of the time all it takes is following a couple of steps for users to see a dramatic boost in network performance and connection speed.

Optimize Your Cloud Connectivity!

VPN protectionCloud connectivity has become a standard in about every office. However, as more jobs are directed to the cloud it becomes that much more important to make sure you're working as effectively as possible.

Most organizations use a VPN and a public cloud service to connect to the cloud and send data. VPNs can be a good option, but it's even better to connect to the cloud network directly.

This has a couple of direct benefits.

  1. You don't have to send information over a public network
  2. Quality of service increases dramatically
  3. Provides a more predictable connection
  4. Improves Network Security

Once connected directly users can guarantee that uptime will not be a problem, and tasks will be completed as they should. Cloud providers often allow unlimited data transfer when connected directly, and many offer contracts as short as one month!

Compress your Data!

a compressed fileEven with the best technology, there is always going to be limited bandwidth. Bottlenecking can happen in any network if there is just too much to process. When people start to see a problem with the bandwidth they immediately want to improve their technology, but that is not always the best bet.

Think of it as a crowded garage. It can be hard to find what you need when there is clutter everywhere. 

Is it the best choice to build another shed to fill with stuff? NO!

The best option is to clean up and organize everything!

This is basically the difference between upgrading technology or compressing data. When data is compressed network performance increases. Work smarter not harder!

Keep Everything Updated!

update button-1Make sure that all of your software is working on the newest, and best versions offered. This will increase performance across your entire network.

Think of how many times you have been doing something when you get an option to update a piece of software and you hit the "Postpone" button. Then weeks go by, you forget, and you continue to use outdated software that only slows you down.

Regularly going through your software and checking to make sure you are running the newest versions is a simple (and free) way to improve network performance.

Utilize Network Monitoring!

network monitoringMonitoring tools help you find errors and bugs that cause problems in your system. 

Computer networks and processes are all connected. One minor error with one piece of software can have a chain reaction that slows all network performance.

Using Network monitoring tools can help you track whatever issues may arise and help you eliminate them. This will reduce downtime, and help users work more efficiently on a network that functions correctly.

Check for Malicious Programs!

an ongoing computer scanMalware, ransomware, and viruses are the top culprit in slow networks. It may seem like your data is making you a bottleneck when really malware is attacking you where you least expect it.

Installing anti-malware software and regularly running virus checks will help keep your network performance in tip-top shape.

Viruses can also cause performance issues and impede network security.

Take The Next Step

If you need more help with improving your network performance, then we recommend reaching out to a managed services team. At Intelligent Technical Solutions, we are extremely well versed in helping the end-user get the most from their network.

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