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Denice Ann Villegas

By: Denice Ann Villegas on November 29th, 2023

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Debunking the 5 Most Common Co-Managed IT Myths

Co-Managed IT

The responsibility of optimizing tech for efficiency is often challenging, especially for owners and IT directors who are working with limited resources. There's little room for error, so you must decide on the most viable approach based on facts and data. 

Co-managed IT is a tech management model that is often misunderstood in terms of cost and benefits. That's because the myths surrounding it often turn people away. Unfortunately, that could be keeping your team from getting the help you need to achieve your goals. 

At Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS), a co-managed IT provider for 20+ years, we often encounter misconceptions about co-managed IT in our daily conversations with business owners. We spoke with Dan Izydorek, our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), to help us list and debunk those common myths. As CRO, Izydorek regularly interacts with clients and answers their inquiries regarding ITS services – myths and misconceptions being one of them.  

In this article, we will discuss: 

  • The most common myths and debunk them 
  • How business owners react to the myths 
  • How ITS addresses these co-managed IT myths 

Knowing this should help you gain a factual understanding of this IT model and allow you to make informed decisions regarding your business’ technology. 

The 5 Most Common Co-Managed IT Myths 

There are five common myths about co-managed IT, and we are here to discuss all of them.  

Myth 1: Co-managed IT is too costly 

a person holding a lot of moneyThe first and most prolific myth we’re going to review has to do with the cost of co-managed IT. There’s this belief that the service is too expensive, especially for small and medium businesses.  

In this model, you are not reallocating money. You are using money that isn’t being spent on anything else. And that is what makes it seem expensive. 

To counter this misconception, think of it as an investment in your business’ growth, security, and overall success. And an affordable one compared to the cost of fully managed IT or expanding your internal team. 

Myth 2: Co-managed IT is more beneficial for large enterprises 

a small businessThe previous myth is the notion that co-managed IT is only affordable to large enterprises with excess resources. This myth adds to that by saying that large businesses benefit more from the service and can make the most of it because of their expansive IT needs. 

Co-managed IT is often beneficial for many business types and sizes. As Izydorek said, “A larger company with 150 or more employees, right? But we also have clients that have 60-70 employees. If they have even just one dedicated IT person, that is still good for co-managed [IT].”  

It is also important to note that SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) are not immune to complex IT issues, such as cybersecurity threats and regulatory compliance. Whether big or small, your business can benefit from this setup. 

Myth 3: Co-managed IT service providers are not as invested in my business goals as my internal team 

a person pointing to goalsThere is this looming concern that an external IT team will put in less work than your internal staff. They are not directly affected by whatever happens in your business. This idea is false. 

The bread and butter of every MSP (managed service provider) is to help businesses achieve their goals using technology. Intentionally performing poorly is not viable for long-term success and contradicts an MSP’s business goals. It damages their reputation and prevents them from acquiring partners and clients, cutting off revenue. 

It is important to always vet your MSP using the right questions to gauge their commitment to your business and its success, so you can be on the same page when addressing your IT needs and reaching your goals.  

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Myth 4: Co-managed IT puts my internal staff out of work 

internal staff out of workA common concern that often worries your team members is the fear of losing their jobs. Owners are concerned that hiring an MSP will leave their internal IT staff with nothing to do, while team members are worried that they will be fired. 

This is not true at all. The goal is to ease the workload of your internal staff, not shoulder all their responsibilities. In a well-designed co-managed model, they will have distinct and complementary roles that boost collaboration, effectiveness, and productivity. 

In truth, your internal IT staff benefits from this setup by having the opportunity to work with and learn from highly skilled IT professionals. 

Myth 5: Co-managed IT means losing control of my business’ technology 

control of technologyThe fifth and final myth we will discuss is that co-managed IT equals losing control. This is especially concerning for heavily tech-reliant businesses. Entrusting your tech decisions to an external party is like relinquishing control of your business. 

Izydorek says, “We have control of both the network and everything that we manage. It's not that the MSP is taking control away from the internal IT. We’re not at all. It’s co-managed.” 

If this is one of your concerns, remember that co-managed IT is a partnership. Both parties possess equally important voices and input. As such, the consequence of every decision is the responsibility of both parties. 

How These Myths Affect Business Owners and MSPs 

After discussing the myths about co-managed IT, we also asked Izydorek how prospects react to these misconceptions. 

He said, “They definitely ask about, ‘How does this impact the internal IT? Are their jobs at risk? What does our relationship look like?’ They're worried about some of the stuff, like the control aspects and so forth.” 

Worry – that is what these myths create. This is not necessarily bad because it makes prospects more cautious when forming a co-managed IT partnership. 

However, MSPs now have the additional task of debunking these myths and reassuring their clients. To do this, Izydorek says, “We show them our structure. We reassure them and reaffirm it by having them talk to an existing ITS co-managed IT client. Through that, they can discuss our services and ask them if we are delivering on our promises and provide value.” 

Ready to Consider Co-Managed IT for Your Business? 

These co-managed IT myths are typically unfounded beliefs that have circulated in the industry, and they only cause worry and concern for decision-makers. We have talked through these myths and shown that: 

  • Co-managed IT is cost-effective 
  • Co-managed IT is for all business types and sizes 
  • Co-managed IT service providers are dedicated to your business goals 
  • Co-managed IT is a collaboration between internal and external team 
  • Co-managed IT is an equal partnership with mutual goals 

There are actually a lot of benefits that come with co-managed IT that your business can take advantage of to stay ahead in the modern business era. Therefore, these misconceptions shouldn’t deter you from considering it as a viable solution to your tech woes. 

If we've dispelled your doubts and you are ready to partner with an MSP, reach out to one of our experts to discuss how we can work together for the success of your business. 

You can also check out our Learning Center to learn more about co-managed IT. 

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