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Dan Izydorek

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Dan Izydorek is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Intelligent Technical Solutions. As CRO, his main responsibilities revolve around people - leading sales and marketing, interacting with clients, and improving the strategy of the sales and marketing team. He channels everything he’s learned over twenty years as a leader to guide his teams to success.

Dan has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and tech throughout his life. He was drawn to electronics from a young age; in his early teens, he was already saving up money for PC parts and tinkering with electronics. Before turning twenty, he founded AdNet and sold custom-made websites. Dan eventually rebranded AdNet into PC Miracles: a highly successful Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) in the Detroit area.

As CEO of PC Miracles, Dan built good working relationships with ITS and Intivix - two other MSPs that shared his company’s cultural values and mission. Proceeding with a three-way merger allowed him to focus on his love of sales and customer relationships while ensuring his clients still had exemplary service.

Client satisfaction was non-negotiable for Dan during the merger. As CRO, he loves the challenge of working with people and making sure they’re happy, even after signing the initial contract. This spills into how he manages his teams - he likes helping each sales member in all ITS locations. He enjoys improving the strategy for each team and seeing concrete results.

His love for building strong client and team relationships translates into his passion for his family. Dan focuses on being a supportive husband to his wife and a strong father for his two children outside of work. He believes in letting his son and daughter choose their path in life - it’s essential for them to be passionate about what they do, just as he does.

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Dan Izydorek headshot