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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on April 20th, 2023

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Why is Co-Managed IT a Form of Insurance [Video]

Co-Managed IT

co-managed IT as insurance

It’s no secret that cyber insurance costs are skyrocketing, so fast, in fact, that businesses are having a difficult time getting a policy. Aside from the expensive premiums, there are also tighter standards, fewer policies, and less coverage. If you’re one of those businesses that’s having trouble getting an insurance policy, then we’ve got something you need to look into. 

1:01 What is Co-Managed IT? 

Co-Managed IT is when you partner with a third-party organization, usually a managed service provider (MSP), who then works with your internal IT team to handle specific IT processes. 

1:24 Why Can Co-Managed IT be Considered a Form of Insurance? 

Although Co-Managed IT does not provide financial coverage that pay off expenses associated with a breach, Co-Managed IT protects your company against loses by protecting your operations and bolstering your cybersecurity.  

2:15 What are the Benefits of Co-Managed IT? 

  1. On-demand IT expertise 
  2. Streamline operations 
  3. Improved security 
  4. Better scalability 
  5. Assurance with affordability 

To fully understand what co-managed IT can really do for your business, please read our Complete Co-managed IT Guide. The guide answers many of the frequently asked questions about Co-Managed IT and will help you decide whether the service is a fit for your business.  Co-Managed IT Service Page