Transportation & Distribution

Deliver parcels on time with top tier Intelligent Technical Solutions’ solutions

Keeping your clients happy and making sure your business runs smoothly involves more than just correctly counting the number of crates coming out of the door. You have to make sure that your IT equipment like mobile devices and barcode scanners flawlessly transmit to your operational software so you can monitor the status of the shipments. When these tasks prove to be too daunting for you, Intelligent Technical Solutions is here to help.

We conduct proactive IT consulting & support so you can have peace of mind knowing that your delivery processes won’t be disrupted. We’ll make sure your IT systems are never to blame for a missed delivery that could ruin your business’s reputation. We’ll design the best solution for your particular needs so you can speed up procurement and cut down costs in your shipment processes and warehouse logistics.

Keep your customers satisfied with the following specialized solutions:

  • Multiple security defenses that monitor your employees’ activity when they access your business systems using their own devices
  • Inventory & warehouse management systems and other cloud solutions for ERP to boost overall productivity
  • Unlimited onsite and remote IT consulting & support to make sure your technology doesn’t cause any disruptions
  • System maintenance and proactive monitoring to prevent small issues from turning into serious disturbances

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