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Jenan Tan

Director of Training & Quality

Jenan Tan is the Director of Training & Quality of Intelligent Technical Solutions, currently managing two teams under her wing: training and quality assurance. In training, her role focuses on identifying and assessing the company’s internal and external training needs. While in quality, she is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s client-facing teams meet or exceed the established quality standards. Together, both teams collaborate to enhance training programs and improve the company’s overall performance.  

Her entire career has primarily been in the field of leadership training. Before joining ITS, she had taken up similar roles in the BPO industry that initially landed her a consultant job with ITS. Later, she was hired as a trainer and training manager before expanding her role to quality.  

Jenan describes herself as a glass-half-full person, which allows her to approach the demands of her role with optimism and resilience. She says although there are many things she wishes to improve, especially with managing two completely different teams, she views every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow together. She loves working with her team and being part of their career journey.  

Unlike most people, Jenan’s rest days are actually busier than her regular workdays. On Saturdays, she plays badminton with her husband while Sundays are family days – they go to church with their two young children, meet up with friends, and eat a lot in between.  

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