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Meet the Team

Meghan Brunner

Chief Integration Officer

Meghan Brunner is the Chief Integration Officer of Intelligent Technical Solutions. As a CIO, she's in charge of managing the strategy and processes related to the recruitment and retention of every team member in the organization. This includes administering different types of employee benefits that the company can offer and working with the Culture Team to make sure there are events that help attune everybody. Apart from the people-related tasks, she also works on mergers and acquisitions, helping new companies integrate smoothly into ITS.

Prior to joining the company, Meghan was the Chief Operating Officer of PC Miracles for five years. When the merger between the three companies (ITS, Intivix, and PC Miracles) occurred in the last quarter of 2021, she took on the Chief People Officer role.

According to Meghan, she considers ITS members as internal clients. Thus, she continues to implement strategic initiatives to improve the team members' personal and professional lives while constantly improving business profitability and sustainability.

She understands that by creating a positive environment where the team is safe and able to thrive, they are in an even better position to provide clients with advanced levels of service and technology.

The best part about her job is being able to witness people's breakthroughs, from building their first home to sending their siblings to school. She says there is no better reward than seeing her team members achieve their life goals.

When she's free from all her work responsibilities, Meghan loves trying out water sports in several tropical countries together with her husband and their fur baby.

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