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Meet the Team


Ryan Deneau

Chief Technology Officer 

Ryan Deneau is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ITS and has led his team for almost five years. His primary role focuses on innovation – particularly internal and external product development. Every day, he and his team write code and improve software to fit different staff and client needs. He also researches third-party services for future product deployment and is the sounding board for new ideas about each product’s capabilities.   

In 2008, Ryan started as an IT technician at ITS after a steady stream of various jobs. Despite previously going through occupations unrelated to software development, programming has been part of his life since high school.  

He loves the challenge of finding new ways to analyze data to see previously hidden patterns. Ryan has a passion for problem-solving, which sees him through the complexity of his role; this love of problem-solving allowed him to work his way steadily into CTO. His position also let him help people and give his team opportunities to grow their careers. He finds fulfillment in helping other technicians and employees improve their skill sets.   

Meanwhile, his enjoyment of programming and problem-solving spills over into his personal life. In his spare time, he writes software to make tasks easier for him and his wife. He also likes to optimize different things around the house - tinkering with cabling, furniture, and household appliances. He makes time to garden, play video games, and spend board game nights with his friends.