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Will Evans

Chief Financial Officer 

Will Evans is the Chief Financial Officer of Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS). One of his primary functions within the company is managing the day-to-day financial tasks, like budgeting and financial reporting. ITS also relies on his ability to devise creative strategies that focus on the company's long-term financial objectives, including crafting growth strategies relating to mergers and acquisitions and providing the tools and information to help company leadership make sound decisions. 

Evans often looks at his objectives with a forward-looking lens, which helps him push the company into taking a more proactive approach to managing its finances. He is an individual who is driven by growth both personally and professionally; that's why he is constantly looking for opportunities to learn new things. 

Despite his busy schedule, Evans enjoys traveling to places he's never been before to experience new cultures. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, going outdoors, cooking, and caring for their pet dog and cat. 

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