Brent Carlson

From the beginning, Intelligent Technical Solutions focused on helping us solve the challenges of the business. They answered every question I had in plain English, without a bunch of technical jargon.

The ITS sales rep, Dan Mikolajczyk, was very down-to-earth. Instead of trying to sell to us, he just asked us what we needed. We had a rapport with him right away.

Whether my sales reps are at the Las Vegas office or they're working from home, ITS sets up their phones. They give my remote sales reps that same high level of support because they're part of my company, even though they're not in my office. That must be a lot harder for ITS to manage and work with, but they do it.

And if they don't happen to have the answers right away, then they'll assemble a team and work with their affiliates to put together a system that addresses your needs. They get the job done.

Brent Carlson
CEO / Owner
Corporate Capital

As a Director of IT and Facility Information Security Officer, I recognized it was critical to have fiber internet because the North Vista Hospital has a persistent connection to our corporate office in Tennessee. None of the systems run locally; actually, it all comes and goes to headquarters in Nashville. Not only do we need fiber into the facility, but we also need a redundant fiber circuit that comes through an alternate path. We also have a Coax as a third layer of redundancy.

Before we changed providers, we had Cox as our internet provider; but three things compelled me to change to ITS: cost, long relationship with Tiffany, and the Customer Service at ITS.

When we first changed to ITS we hit some snags; not because of ITS, but rather due to the hospital’s old building. North Vista building is from the 1960s, and this caused some heartburn and headache, but in the end it was successful. After we had got ITS's Fiber Internet, our downtime went from some exorbitant amount of time to less than 5%. It boils down to enhanced speed and the reliability of the connection.

Since the installation ITS has been great. We are in constant communication, and I talk to Tiffany daily. Also, the owner of the company, Tom Andrulis has come a few times just to check on things.

The customer service at ITS is amazing, they always respond to my calls, and they address my concerns right away. A hospital runs 24/7, and Tiffany is always available. She puts up with the chaos of the hospital I guess.

Michael Facio
IT Director / Facility Information Security Officer
Corporate Capital

NV Hospital

Xavier D. Peterson
I can clearly say it took us too long to switch. Prior to switching to fiber through ITS, I had been told by 4 other companies of the capabilities of fiber, only to find out they couldn't even get fiber to my current office location. I shared this concern with Tom during my first consultation and reluctantly accepted his proposal. To my surprise, they delivered what they promised on time. I've had the pleasure of working with ITS for the past 2+ years. They're a great firm and I’d highly recommend them!

Xavier D. Peterson
QI Security Services

Hello ITS Team... I’d like to thank you all for the work you’ve put in as a team in customer service and helping Rebel Oil Co. transition to much better computer and internet services.

The patience exhibited in accomplishing such a task has been refreshing and very much appreciated. Also in having patience you never lost sight of the goals and kept us up to date so as not to get too far behind. It has sincerely been a pleasure working with ITS.  The courtesy in working with our staff has been excellent as well as the efficiency.

It’s a pleasure in doing business with you and we look forward in continuing to do so.

D. Teepe
Rebel Oil

D. Teepe

Frank Hawk

ITS has helped us when we were moving from a building that was built in 1955 moving into a new operation. They’re helping us design our new systems and really putting us on the cutting edge to getting us in the twenty first century.”

Frank Hawk
Senior Representative
Carpenter’s Union Southern Nevada

Currently Intelligent Technical Solutions manages our email and cloud servers as well as our internet based data storage. Since using Intelligent Technical Solutions for over a year everything has been really smooth. We had nothing but problems with a hard server, constantly emails were down and we were losing data and since we switched we have had 100% uptime and everything has been smooth. Now all the files for our employees are available everywhere we have an internet connection.

Since working with Intelligent Technical Solutions there has been no down time for over a year and there has been no issues . Working with ITS has been a great experience, they have been very fast on responding to any issues.

Jason Crosta
Office Manager
Coast 2 Coast General Contracting

Jason Crosta

After bouncing from one IT guy to the next with varied results I felt strongly that our company needed a more professional solution to streamline our systems and keep us running smoothly and at our peak performance. ITS cares about our business and how our system made it all happen. They combine technical knowledge with a great service ethic that made all the difference. I would recommend them without reservation

S. Gordon
Financial Services Professional

Shannon Vivolo

At Gatski we have a large amount of employees that need attention on their computers. I like ITS because I can simply send them an email and they set up everything which saves me a lot of time.

ITS takes care of our technical details so we don't have to worry about it. Sometimes ITS remembers things that we don’t which increases our trust level and adds to our peace of mind.

ITS takes care of their customers so we don't have to think about the technical details and we can focus on our business. ITS take care of us.

Shannon Vivolo
Gatski Commercial

We have approximately 300 computers in our various locations and ITS maintains them all. We rarely have problems, and when we do, they quickly have a technician on the job to get the issue resolved promptly. Choose ITS and you won't be disappointed.

Don McKinnon
Prime Cap Financial

After accidentally deleting my entire email inbox, I was in a state of panic until I called ITS. Their technicians were able to quickly restore my email and had me back up and running in under an hour.

Scott Owczarzak
Polished Appraisals

We use software that's frequently updated by the manufacturer, and these updates often require hardware changes. In the past we've had to contract several vendors to handle these various tasks. Now that we've found ITS, not only do we purchase our hardware and software through them at a discounted rate, but they're always able to keep our hardware current and our network running smoothly throughout the update process.

Instead of making several phone calls every few months, I'm able to focus on my business and leave my hardware and software concerns to ITS. It's truly a pleasure to be working with them.

Brian Lovejoy
IT Coordinator
Paul Steelman Design Group

ITS is dependable, competent and prompt service is appreciated more than I could possibly express. Your team helps us out of so many "jams" in short order and saves us untold aggravation and downtime. Thanks VERY much!

L. Lemond

Tom has been a great business partner and I feel very confident in recommending him to help any of my customers. The ITS team is always honest and follows up with my customers in a timely matter. I would feel confident in recommending them to anybody that has an IT need here in Las Vegas.

Scott Cravens
IKON Office Solutions

ITS has been an integral part of the growth of CharTec. Tom's vision and passion for creating a truly unique offering to provide his clients with best possible technology experience has made his company an invaluable partner to our organization. It's been a truly a pleasure to be supported by and to work with the ITS team.

CharTec Solution
CharTec Inc.

The ITS tech team is a great asset to my company . Although we are friendly competitors servicing different areas, they have been invaluable when I have had issues with clients in Las Vegas. They are extremely responsive and very competent. Their integrity is beyond reproach. I wholeheartedly recommend ITS.

Bob Jenner
The Network Doctor, Inc.

Tom and I have worked together and I would recommend him to anybody.

Dan Izydorek
PC Miracles, Inc.

I have known ITS coming on 6 months now, and they already demonstrated the passion they have for technology and their clients. It is clear the owner loves the industry and is invested in winning client loyalty. Tom truly believes in all products he offers to his clients and would not offer them unless he knows in his heart they are the right solution. I would have no issues at all recommending my friends, business partners and even my family to have ITS handle any IT needs.

Alex Rogers
CharTec LLC

Having the ITS team as a business partner is a tremendous asset; the company's leadership is ready to play a liaison role between the client and the service provider. They have the unique ability to drive negotiation from the client side while maximizing the value from the Service Provider. We look forward to working on many more projects with ITS in the future.

Edward Kinsella
National Enterprise Sales Manager
American Fiber Systems

ITS has outstanding and knowledgeable professionals. Whenever I have a technically challenging issues, I can count on ITS techs to answer my questions in a patient and honest way.

Jonathan Remund
Bizwala, Inc

Tom is a wonderful client & a fantastic IT business owner. I 100% would recommend Tom and Intelligent Technical Solutions for any Las Vegas business looking for business technical support.

Robin Robins Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.
Technology Sales & Marketing
Managed Services Marketing

As a provider of IT Solutions I appreciate out of the box, creative thinking and problem solving. ITS is a great resource to me, and their insight and understanding of technology makes them an invaluable resource.

Lee Morgan
President Servi
Corps Systems, Inc

I do not often endorse people or companies to others, but when I do, it is because the person or company stands head and shoulders above others I have dealt with. Both Tom Andrulis and his company, Intelligent Technical Solutions of Las Vegas are entities that I will happily endorse with confidence and pride. From their incredible expertise in the information technology field to their integrity, honesty, and adherence to quality customer service, they are the real deal. Every opportunity I have had to deal or interact with the staff, I have come away awed and inspired. You see, I am not a customer of Tom Andrulis, I am a peer of his working in the same industry (and thankful that I am not working in Las Vegas in competition with Intelligent Technical Solutions). This company embodies excellence, adherence to best practices and methodologies, and executes flawlessly on the behalf of their clients. Tom Andrulis is a leader in the information technology-consulting field, and ITS is a pioneer in managed services. Their contributions to other technology companies, including mine, are priceless, innovative, and have benefitted my customers, nearly 2000 miles away.

Randy Hall
Worldlan Technology

I've worked with ITS for several years, and they have always been a reliable honest provider. They are proactively working to bring the best experience to their customers, and I happily recommend them to anyone.

Toby vanRoojen
Sr. Account Manager

I feel your Company and current team are some of the best at performing all the tasks you listed. ITS's service is 2nd to none, and you guys always do what's best for Curtis Steel. I look forward to a long relationship with you. I will/do recommend you guys to all our clients.

Thanks Tom!

Mark Watroba
Curtis Steel Co.

Today I received your basket of treats from Mrs. Prindable’s Handmade Confections and once again you have managed to make me smile. The last several months dealing with my previous IT company have been so hard that I was sure I would never be able to trust the “IT” world again. You have renewed my faith in IT and in people in general. Thank you for rushing to my aid when I called for help and for continuing to solve issue after issue with my network. The big things and the small things that have plagued me for months and even years are being handled with speed and a general “niceness” from every tech I have dealt with. I am amazed and thrilled to actually have a network that functions the correct way. You guys really rock!! No, really, you rock!

Please tell everyone on your amazing team “THANK YOU!!” from E & R Electric and from me personally.

Thank you for making me feel safe again.

Keri Lee Robbins
Office Manager
E & R Electric

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