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Allow your customers to shop ’til they drop with Intelligent Technical Solutions’s responsive IT

Advanced technology has transformed today's business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace by combining the individualized experience of the past with the savvy consumers of the future. From web-based shopping carts to inventory systems running on SAP, your underlying infrastructure plays a huge role in retaining unforgettable customer experiences. Suffice to say, now is the right time to invest in advanced technologies if you want to level the playing field with your competitors.

Running cross-channel operations requires IT infrastructure that is readily available, responsive, and performing optimally. Our cutting-edge services and solutions -- including Analytics, Digital, Consulting, and Industrial IoT -- offer retail enterprises actionable business insights to boost their revenue stream. Intelligent Technical Solutions provides data-driven insights to encourage retailers into upgrading their supply chain management systems, developing personalized experiences, and transforming how they do business.

Support your customer’s retail therapy with rock-solid IT:

  • Our mobility solutions ensure you use the most recent IT trends to your business’s advantage, including geofencing alerts, coupons/payments, NFC, etc.
  • Learn to make sound IT decisions by gaining insights and evaluating competencies throughout the business value chain and IT landscape
  • We’ll assess your current business processes and determine areas of improvement to make sure that your outdated systems aren’t holding you back
  • Experience better employee engagement, speed of collaboration, and communication quality with our retail enterprise collaboration solutions

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