Government & Non-Profit

Achieve your mission in less time with affordable, robust Intelligent Technical Solutions

When government agencies & non-profit organizations gradually embraced IT, particularly deployment and resource sharing, cybersecurity inevitably gained more focus. They've witnessed the many benefits of technology, which is why they must make sure that they integrate cost-efficient and secure data products.

Our goal here at Intelligent Technical Solutions is to help you achieve your IT requirements without going over budget. We know how crucial finance management is for non-profits because they depend on it to connect volunteers, donors, and sponsors, and to increase awareness in their communities. On the other hand, we understand that government agencies rely on IT to streamline and optimize their mission-critical workload. Our years of experience working with both allowed us to be flexible enough to understand your pain points and develop solutions for you.

Intelligent Technical Solutions specialists will help you accomplish your mission by:

  • Implementing cloud solutions so your mobile workforce can securely access your systems, applications, and data
  • Integrating mobility solutions to boost collaborations throughout the national and local departments and agencies
  • Using our lasting relationship with premier vendors to provide affordable solutions for government & non-profit organizations
  • Assigning project managers who will make sure that your projects are monitored and your budget is controlled

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