Teach your students without interruption with breakthrough Jexet Technologies

Technology is providing educators and school leaders the tools they need to provide excellent education. Using technology in an academic setting has grown from simply using devices and other aids in the classroom to merging these with a completely secured data center and the power of the cloud.

Intelligent Technical Solutions technicians specialize in assisting both public and private educational institutions, from local school district campuses to charter schools. We understand your need to keep your students’ data safe while allowing your staff to access this crucial data to plan their lessons and other school-related activities. We’ll devise an IT support system that respects the community’s needs and expands your budget at the same time so you can use this to plan learning endeavors, like summertime projects.

Give your 100% attention to your students, while we focus on:

  • Setting up customer management, admission, and intuitive data programs to make sure your institution runs at peak performance
  • Keeping your data safe by storing them in our fail-safe cloud backup systems
  • Recommending, configuring, and integrating BYOT/BYOD learning environments, interactive whiteboards, 1-to-1 computer, and much more to boost your university, college, or school’s processes
  • Making sure that your system runs smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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