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Mark Sheldon Villanueva

By: Mark Sheldon Villanueva on December 7th, 2022

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An Unbiased Comparison of Detroit IT Services: ITS vs. Global Point

Co-Managed IT | Detroit

Finding the right partner to manage your organization’s IT needs in Metro Detroit can be a challenging task. You’re trusting a third party to take care of one of your most valuable assets – your data. So, being picky is par for the course. 

As an IT support company serving small to midsize companies in Detroit, Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) understands how crucial it is to find the best fit for your business. To help you in your search, we took a close look at two of the more well-known managed service providers (MSP) in the area: Global Point IT Solutions (Global Point) and us (ITS). 

Before we move on, however, it’s important that we mention that we’ve done everything in our power to make this article as objective as possible. That’s why we’ve made it a point of only stating facts that anyone, including you, can find on each provider’s website. That includes each company’s information, prices and services, and reviews. 

Hopefully, that will make it easier for you to make an informed decision and find the best-managed IT service provider in the area for your business. 

Unbiased MSP Comparison  

So, why are we talking about our competitors? Because even though we try to provide the best service possible to our customers, we understand that we’re not always a good fit for everyone. There are other reliable IT support companies in Detroit that might better meet your needs. 

Helping you find the perfect match is our goal with this article. That’s because we understand that healthy competition benefits everyone, including your business, our rivals, and our team. 

In addition, honesty and transparency are some of our core tenets. We are committed to providing you unbiased information, even if that puts us in a less favorable light. That’s because we understand how valuable factual information is in this day and age. In other words, we do it because it’s the right thing to do. 

That’s why in this article, we promise to be as objective as possible. There may be information we couldn’t collect from Global Point’s website, but this article should give you a basic idea of the similarities and differences. 

Global Point 

global point logo

Global Point is an IT support company established in 2001. The homegrown Chicago firm has since delivered excellent, cost-effective IT service to local businesses. However, in the last ten years, Global Point has expanded to other markets, establishing satellite offices in the US, Europe, China, and Israel. 

1. Service Offerings

ServicesGlobal Point offers the following services:   

  • Managed Services  
  • IT Strategy  
  • Cybersecurity  
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery 

2. Industries Served  

IndustriesGlobal Point does not expressly state which sectors they serve. However, they have testimonials from businesses in the following industries:  

  • Manufacturing 
  • Financial  
  • Healthcare  
  • Manufacturers  
  • Real Estate 

As with ITS, you can approach their sales team to discuss your options even if your business isn’t part of these fields. 

3. Guarantees

GuaranteesGlobal Point does not explicitly declare any guarantees regarding its services. However, that does not mean they don’t have any. When talking to their team, you can ask about any possible guarantees they offer. 


4. Notable Awards, Accolades, and Certifications

Awards and AccoladesGlobal Point currently has no information regarding awards or accolades on its website and other online profiles. However, that does not mean the company hasn’t garnered any titles. 

5. Google Rating and Client Reviews

ReviewGlobal Point currently does not have a Google or Facebook rating. However, they have a 5-star rating on Clutch, with testimonials from various clients. 


6. Pricing 

Price tagGlobal Point does not mention its rates on its website. However, based on their profile at Clutch, they have an average rate of $150 to $199 per hour and a minimum project size of $1,000. 

Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) 

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Founded in 2003, ITS has been helping businesses grow and thrive by leveraging technology to improve our productivity and efficiency for almost two decades. Our company is currently expanding our IT support range, establishing satellite offices across the country, including one in Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Tempe, and Los Angeles. 

1. Service Offerings

ServicesITS offers the following services:   

2. Industries Served  

IndustriesITS manages technology for companies in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:  

3. Guarantees

GuaranteesITS offers an unconditional 365-day total satisfaction guarantee on all technology service plans, or the agreement can be canceled within 30 days. 


4. Notable Awards, Accolades, and Certifications

Awards and AccoladesITS has been recognized by Channel Partners, Taylor Business Groups, UpCity, Expertise, and MSSP Alert as one of the best Managed IT Service providers. Our technicians have CompTIA, CISCO, 3CX, VEEAM, and Microsoft certifications. Our company leadership has also participated in tech interviews for various institutions, such as MSP Success Magazine, Channel 20, and Fox News. 

5. Google Rating and Client Reviews

ReviewITS has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from nearly 200 reviews across all our locations. Our Facebook rating is slightly lower at 4.5 out of 5 stars from 30+ reviewers. On our website, you can find in-depth case studies and video testimonials regarding the impact of our work on our clients. 

6. Pricing 

Price tagITS has a pricing page for interested clients, and our services are paid on a monthly basis. We offer three tiers for our services depending on your organization’s needs. Here is a rough guide for our service rates: 

  • CORE includes the basic security solutions that all businesses need. Costing approximately $150 per user per month, it has standard managed services and cybersecurity staples, such as end-point detection and response, multi-factor authentication, email anti-spoofing, and more. 
  • SECURE is a plan designed for businesses looking for multi-layered protection and cyber insurance compliance needs. It costs approximately $185 per user per month. This package is for companies that need to comply with most insurance needs. Secure includes everything from the core plan with advanced cybersecurity solutions that include active threat hunting, detection and response, threat intelligence, security training, and more.  
  • ENTERPRISE is the premier choice for businesses that need to meet high regulatory compliance goals. This full-stack offering includes everything from the previous plans, with the addition of enterprise-level cybersecurity services. Costing approximately $230 per user per month, Enterprise has sophisticated security solutions like SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management), your own virtual chief information security officer (CISO), and more.   

ITS vs. Global Point: A Quick Comparison  


Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS)  

Global Point 

Year Founded  




Service Offerings   

Business Internet  

Cloud Computing  


Data Analytics  

Managed and Co-Managed IT  

VoIP Phone 

Co-Managed IT  

Data Analytics  

Microsoft SBS Installation & Maintenance  

Hardware Upgrades  

Business Internet 


Managed Services  

IT Strategy  


Cloud Computing 

Backup and Disaster Recovery  


Service Locations   

US only: Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Tempe 

US, Europe, China, and Israel 

Industries Served  

Includes but is not limited to the following:  

  • Architecture & Design   
  • Automotive   
  • Biotechnology   
  • Construction   
  • Finance and Insurance   
  • Healthcare  
  • Law Offices and Law Firms   
  • Logistics and Distribution   
  • Manufacturing   
  • Nonprofit   
  • Retail  

Includes but is not limited to the following:  

  • Manufacturing 
  • Financial  
  • Healthcare  
  • Manufacturers  
  • Real Estate 



Core Plan: 

Starts at $150 per user per month  


Secure Plan: 

Starts at $185 per user per month  


Enterprise Plan:   

Starts at $230 per user per month  


*You can find other plans and plan details on the pricing page   

Not available directly on the website, but the company’s profile at Clutch states that it has an average rate of $150 to $199 per hour and a minimum project size of $1,000 




Awards from: Channel Partners, Taylor Business Groups, UpCity, Expertise, MSSP Alert  


No awards featured online 

Google rating and client reviews   


Has an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars from nearly 200 reviews 


Has case studies and video testimonials on the website 

Has a 5-star rating on Clutch, with five testimonials 



Unconditional 365-day total satisfaction guarantee on all technology service plans, or the agreement can be canceled within 30-days  

No guarantees expressed on the website 

Which Managed IT Provider in Metro Detroit Should You Choose?  

Finding the better MSP between Global Point and ITS isn’t an easy choice. Both have their own specializations, locations, and rates. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which company best fits your needs and resources.  

This article may have provided you with unbiased facts, but finding the right partner is not a choice you should base solely on what’s available on a company website. The best way to choose the best Detroit MSP is to speak directly to the representatives. 

Here are some of the things you may want to consider before making your choice:  

  • How will you measure the success of the partnership?  
  • How can IT support your business goals?   
  • How does each MSP’s service desk work?  
  • What do other people say about the MSP?  
  • How much will it cost?   
  • What’s included in your contract?   
  • What will cost extra?  

We encourage you to check out other providers in the area as well and use our checklist, Questions to Help You Evaluate a Managed IT Provider. And if you’d like to learn more about our managed IT services and what sets ITS apart as an MSP in Metro Detroit, schedule a meeting with our representatives today. Or, if you’d like to do more research on our business, visit our Managed IT page. 

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