Partners & Certifications

SonicWALL MSP Advantage Partner

The SonicWALL MSP Advantage Program is designed for SonicWALL Gold and Silver partners that intend to significantly invest in managed security services and plan to deploy at least 50 nodes of SonicWALL GMS to manage their installed base of end-user clients.

With the MSP Advantage Program, SonicWALL MSP partners may now deliver recurring security services to clients, eliminating the hassles and complexities of the annual renewal process and ensuring that client infrastructure and users are continuously protected from malware, spam and other forms of data loss.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are considered to be in the very top tier of solution providers for Microsoft. We have the special opportunity to access resources directly, including the latest updates, reports, behind the scenes news, and troubleshooting assistance. Through our special liaisons at Microsoft, we can offer our clients direct resources, including as needed assistance from the project teams involved in developing the products you use. If you are a small business relying on Microsoft tools or technologies, having an IT service provider with such a partnership can go a long way in ensuring your systems environment is in top form.

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Achieving the designation of Small Business Specialist validates our expertise in providing robust, targeted IT solutions specifically for small business customers. We have demonstrated the ability to exceed customer expectations in our capacity to plan, setup, and maintain systems for small business concerns. We have proven our commitment to small business, versed in all services from Microsoft specially designed for data, email, collaboration, security, authentication, remote access, and data safety.

SonicWALL Gold Medallion Partner

SonicWALL is highly regarded as a specialized provider of comprehensive yet straightforward security products and solutions. As a Gold Medallion Partner, we have a special level of training and support from SonicWall directly to help ensure your network, and your staff, are fully compliant with best practices and the up-to-date security protection that SonicWALL offers. You have the assurance that we are providing you resources that fully address every security concern relevant to your small business.

Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator (CSSA)

Our certification in SonicWALL security products ensures we are thoroughly knowledgeable in implementing a feasible, safe, and redundant security infrastructure for your small business. Our extensive background is validated by SonicWALL directly, giving you solace that your networking environment and documentation is in good hands. Our administrators are specially trained to help keep security concerns at your organization to a minimum, as well as specially trained to communicate effective solutions to your staff.

Dell Partner Direct

Our partnership with Dell allows us to offer you the very best pricing, plans, and equipment for your small business – offers that wouldn’t be available otherwise. We have a special liaison relationship with Dell themselves, who can and will provide targeted solutions, troubleshooting assistance and special deals for your small business. Our relationship allows us to quickly contact and as needed quickly escalate any and all hardware concerns, as well as allow the near immediate on-site replacement of components as needed via a service representative from Dell itself. We are able to leverage our relationship with Dell to help your organization meet its systems hardware needs. We receive periodic updates from Dell as well, which we share with our customers.

Certified HIPAA Professional

A CSCS is fully equipped to ensure organizations comply with the various informational security based guidelines and regulations from a variety of national and international standards. It is especially designed for IT specialists, especially those with security and systems certifications from vendors such as Microsoft and SonicWALL. A CSCS is fully versed in planning for a variety of contingencies, including data protection, loss, breach, and recovery operations.


As a Blackberry partner, we are connected with RIM – the parent company — to offer our customers a wealth of insider solutions and special offers. We are fully set up to network your BlackBerry devices to your network, and have specialized training and support options directly from RIM that allow us to help provide you solutions and systems you can put your full trust in. We can help you configure your Blackberry infrastructure, as well as find and implement apps specially designed to help increase the effectiveness of your business. Benefits we can share with you include proven technical competency, knowledge of products and offerings, and communications of solutions.

Peer Software

Our special relationship with Peer Software allows us to provide to you a variety of targeted tools and technologies to ensure your files and data are accessible and synchronized throughout your entire network. We are specially equipped to easily deploy software, monitor environments, and ensure consistent and constant collaboration between employees in your organization, whether they share the office or are located in different parts of the world.