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By: Marketing Team on May 19th, 2020

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Why Is My Email Ending in Client's Spam Box?

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Common question companies have when they seek out IT Support help is a question like "Why is my email going to client's spam?"  This can have a lot of possible causes, so in this particular article, we will cover a few reasons why this could be happening.

You send a lot of spammy emails

A laptop with a received email icon open

Of course, no client believes they are violators, and that every email they send is justified.  Some of these companies blast messages or promos to thousands of people in their databases, and if enough of those people start making it as spam, then the email address gets flagged as a suspected spam violator - sometimes even the whole domain suffers.  So, if Charles in sales is hammering away and sending out 2000 garbage emails, the email servers will begin to suspect your company as one that traffics in sending spammy emails.

You haven't set up your DKIM or your SPF records.

You can check these records at this website - MX Toolbox 

MX Toolbox

If we were having this issue, we would want to check the error you see on the SPF to see if that made sense.  Now if you work with an IT company like ITS, we would check this out for you.  So, it makes sense to let people set the txt records to include the proper SPF records and DKIM and DMARC records for your domain.

You are on a Blacklist

You can use the same site to check your blacklist ratings.  The important thing is to pass without blacklists.  Blacklists can happen because you are or were sending spammy emails (reason #1), or someone else you share the server with and uses the same IP is doing that (think of living in a bad neighborhood with a lot of crime, maybe you aren't breaking the law, but the police are around way too much).

It is critical to ensure you are not on a terrible network with too many bad sites on it.  There are some hosting companies that are much worse about this practice than other hosting companies.  Just imagine if you are sharing a server that hosts your website and the other guy is doing shady stuff, the internet sees all the activity as related because it is coming from the same IP. Kind of like if you let the weird uncle hang at your house, the neighbors associate the weirdness with you.

Need help solving these issues?

Solving these issues can be time-consuming and tricky as you try and discover why your emails are not ending up in the right email box.  With Office 365 and the Microsoft mail filters, sometimes it is a matter of chatting to the right people to see what you are doing to trigger an event for your client.  We know if your email isn't getting delivered, that is really bad for business!

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