JP Chua

By: JP Chua on April 25th, 2023

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What to Do When IT Exceeds Your Budget [Video]

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IT budget

With the growing needs of IT, business owners may soon realize the difficulty in budgeting for IT. And when the time comes that your IT expenses exceed your budget, what can you do about it? In this video, we’ll break down what you can do when IT exceeds your budget. 

0:50 How Much Should Your Business Spend for IT? 

We recommend that businesses budget $175 per user per month. It varies depending on your organization’s industry and size, but this is a good minimum number to keep in mind. 

1:42 What to Do When IT Costs Exceed the Budget? 

  1. Determine why you’re going over budget
  2. Plan things out and adjust your spending
  3. Prioritize which IT functions your business needs

2:51 What IT Elements Should You Always Invest In? 

Always invest in cybersecurity.  

If you’re struggling to figure out what aspects to prioritize, you can meet with our experts for a free network assessment. You’ll see where your technology stands, what you can do to optimize your systems, and just overall gain a better understanding of your IT infrastructure. 

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