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By: Marketing Team on February 21st, 2024

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À La Carte vs. Bundled IT Plans: Which One Should You Choose?

Managed IT Services

Are you struggling to decide between à la carte and bundled IT plans for your business? Do the complexities of IT services and the fear of making the wrong choice keep you up at night? Are you considering ITS but want more information about our bundled – and unbundled – services? 

Then you’ve come to the right place.  

We’ve been around for over twenty years and from our experience, understanding everything in an IT partnership is critical. Before committing to a long-term plan, you deserve to know its rationale and have time to evaluate if it’s the best choice for your company. 

This is why we invited ITS’ Chief Revenue Officer, Dan Izydorek, to answer the following questions:  

After reading this article, you can decide on the best IT service model for your business. 

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Does ITS Offer À La Carte IT Services?  

ITS does not offer any à la carte IT services to its clientele. We believe we cannot provide proper service and protection if we offer individual IT services on a standalone basis.   

By providing a predefined set of services, we can ensure that every critical component of your IT environment receives the attention and support it needs. 

This includes proactive monitoring, regular maintenance, robust cybersecurity measures, and swift troubleshooting when issues arise. Our holistic approach is designed to prevent problems before they occur and minimize downtime. 

However, Izydorek said that some à la carte options could be added on a case-to-case basis for existing clients with a Core or Secure package. 

But overall, experience has shown that a comprehensive, bundled approach allows us to proactively manage all aspects of a client’s IT infrastructure.  

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À La Carte IT vs. Bundled IT Plans 

So, why do we lean towards bundled IT (or managed IT) plans for our clients? What exactly are the challenges of à la carte IT and the benefits of managed IT?  

1. À La Carte IT 

À la carte IT services allow businesses to handpick the exact services they require, ensuring they only pay for what is essential to their operations. This flexibility can be advantageous for companies addressing specific challenges without committing to a full-service package.  

The à la carte approach may also offer a more tailored and cost-effective solution for organizations with specific needs or those seeking greater control over their IT expenses.   

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2. Bundled IT Plans

Meanwhile, a monthly service bundle provides a comprehensive approach to IT management, offering a predefined set of services for a fixed fee. It can be a convenient option for businesses seeking predictable costs and consistent support. 

On the surface, the à la carte IT services option is the best bet for companies aiming to save money on IT expenses. However, several challenges pop up with this kind of service, contributing to the low number of IT companies providing this option.  


Focused group of professionals discussing à la carte versus bundled IT solutions

Challenges of À La Carte IT Services 

Offering à la carte IT services introduces several challenges for IT service providers and partnered businesses.  

First, it can lead to fragmented and reactive IT management, as issues are addressed on a case-by-case basis rather than proactively prevented. This approach may lead to increased downtime, security vulnerabilities, and higher long-term IT costs. 

Izydorek recalled one incident in the past:  

“Years ago, we used to offer backup services for servers. We’d install the backups and monitor them," he said. There was no monitoring report for a client because it wasn’t added as an a la carte service. 

“Sometimes, a year would pass, and [they would] need a file that wasn’t in the backup. It turns out, the backup hadn’t been running for six weeks, but [they] hadn’t told us. Then, questions would come up like, “Why isn’t the backup working? We paid you to set it up.”   

We’d investigate and often find that a Windows update had caused issues or a password change by the client had affected the backup process. These were things we could have fixed if we’d known.”  

This anecdote underscores another challenge associated with à la carte IT services: the potential for miscommunication and misunderstanding between you and the service provider. 

Without a comprehensive service agreement, the delineation of responsibilities may be unclear, making it challenging to address the root causes of problems effectively.   

Sometimes, avoiding bundled IT results in even more resources being put into IT than necessary. Building up your IT tools and staff piece by piece prevents you from taking advantage of discounts and practicing proactive maintenance – leading to more IT problems.  

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Advantages of Bundled IT 

Bundled service models prioritize prevention, collaboration, and accountability while providing the comprehensive support that modern businesses require.   

With a bundled managed IT services approach, you receive a comprehensive suite of offerings under one predictable monthly fee, which often includes services such as:  

You get more value with bundled IT services, with no hidden or additional fees lurking in the shadows.  

It also comes with bonus security updates and features. Izydorek said, “In the bundle model, we’ll change that security software as needed without directly having to reintroduce the client to another offering.”  

Our comprehensive coverage ensures that every critical component of your IT environment receives the required attention, whereas an à la carte model may lead to potential gaps. 

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À La Carte vs. Bundled: Which One is Better for Your Business? 

Admittedly, we’re a bit biased: we think bundled IT plans are much better than à la carte IT. 

But we also acknowledge some businesses are better off with à la carte IT.  

If you:  

  • Are not overly reliant on technology 
  • Have no recurring IT issues  
  • Have simple IT needs  
  • Are secure with your IT staffing situation 
  • Have a limited budget for technology 
  • Are determined to outsource only one IT aspect of your business 

...then you might be better off with another outsourcing company with à la carte IT or an in-house IT department. 

But if you: 

  • Struggle with hiring and retaining high-level IT talent 
  • Are aiming to minimize manual tasks and the mental burden of managing IT 
  • Want to focus on your core goals and competencies 
  • Prioritize investment in holistic, 24/7 IT management 
  • Are heavy database users 
  • Are information-dependent and technology-driven 
  • Have multiple tech-reliant team members 

Then a managed IT plan is right up your alley.  

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Ready to Partner with ITS?  

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to IT management, but you often benefit most from bundled IT services. These bundled service models often offer flexibility within their structured packages, allowing you to tailor your IT solutions to your business requirements.   

ITS has helped businesses manage their IT infrastructure to success. Find out what services we can offer you by checking out our service plans or contacting one of our experts. You may also check out these references to learn more:  

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