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By: Marketing Team on November 19th, 2020

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3 Ways Managed Services Supports your IT Team

Managed IT Services

A lot goes into having an IT system that can support all the most important parts of your business. It can be difficult for one or two IT people to handle all of what goes into your IT infrastructure. At Intelligent Technical Solutions, we provide managed IT solutions that can work alongside and support IT teams with a team of specialists consulting on your network.

Managed services can be a great addition to, or replacement of, a current IT model. We are not saying that your IT team is making mistakes. However, sometimes things are overlooked.

There can be a misunderstanding of what IT people do all day. They don't just wait for problems to start and then spend time fixing them. The reason that IT specialists have the skills, certifications, and training that they do is to work on technology from a number of different angles.

This can be:

  • Optimizing your system for speed
  • Making your infrastructure user friendly
  • Adding additional safety protocols to keep you protected
  • Monitoring your network for suspicious activity that could be harmful
  • Performing maintenance on your network and fixing problems that need to be addressed

How can Managed IT Support Your Current IT Model?

All IT related thingsThere is usually much more going on behind the scenes in IT than employers are aware of. This is why it can often be a benefit to have more sets of eyes helping to solve a problem.

Here are 3 ways that working with Managed IT can support your current IT model.

1. Simplify Your System!

simplified systemOften times things are also grossly over-engineered. People have a bad habit of overloading themselves with too much software. Downloading just about everything that they think can help them. This can actually be detrimental to how well your system runs.


2. Reconfigure your network for efficiency.

efficient networkThere are many different ways to configure the software.

For example, maybe a company is using both Microsoft Teams and Zoom across different parts of the office. One of these services provides all that you need and using both slows down the technology side, and on the human side, everyone tries to get on the same page.

Or, maybe you have old software that was needed for a specific purpose, but an update on a better software eliminated the older software's objective. Providing maintenance on your network can help eliminate redundancies and make everything run much more smoothly.

An MSP can clean and set up your data for success. This is the definition of data management and managed IT.

3. Enhance security.

enhanced securityThis is one of the most common services that organizations look for with managed IT. An MSP is able to provide a team of specialists that can work together to spot vulnerabilities and patch weak areas in your current security network.

Many managed IT providers, like ITS, also provide security training for an organization. This can create a baseline understanding of how to best work together and how to operate safely online. Spending time teaching basic security skills may not be in the time budget of your current IT team, and that's why outsourcing can be ultimately beneficial.

Ready to work with a Managed IT Service Provider?

One of the biggest benefits of working with a managed IT company alongside your current IT solutions is that managed IT is often provided on a monthly contract.

This structure allows organizations to curate their experiences with what is most important to them. This allows the in-house IT team to work on the projects most directly important to them while letting the managed IT service team fill in the gaps.

Working with managed IT is a great way to support your current IT model.

If you are interested in how working with a great managed IT service company can help your business then please consider our free consultation. We can access your current IT infrastructure and offer solutions that will help your business thrive!5 Big Ways IT Outsourcing can Boost your Company's Productivity