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By: Marketing Team on January 15th, 2021

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Managed Services: What are you Paying For?

Managed IT Services

The common mistake with technology is that people don’t understand why they have to pay for services they don’t think that they need. In this article, you will learn about what you are paying for in a Managed IT Services Team. 

Every business wants to bring down expenses. However, in the search for low monthly costs, many people miss some of the most important things they need. This is very true when it comes to technological solutions. 

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“I’ve had the same anti-virus for 10 years and it hasn’t let me down once! Why should I upgrade?”

To technology people that is like saying,” I’ve never changed the oil in my car since I bought it a decade ago. I’m sure everything is fine”. That car is going to be destroyed. Whether today or a year from now, you are going to run into trouble.

One of the growing trends in business technology solutions is managed service providers. But are they just trying to take your money or are these organizations helpful? We want to help you understand what you’re paying for when you work with an MSP.

MSPs are the Future of Business IT

We want to start off by saying that managed services providers are growing in popularity for a reason. They are typically more cost-friendly options that offer contracts for the services that you specifically need. 

But there is still a common misconception that MSPs want people to make changes just so they can make money. The common thought with IT is that there is not a problem now, so why change anything. Then when a problem does occur they ask, well “why the heck am I paying you if you let a problem happen?”

This is a catch-22 when it comes to understanding IT costs and rationalizing what your business needs. So we want to help you understand a bit about where your money is going, and why it’s worth spending more on good IT.

Why are you spending money on this?

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IT is the backbone of your business. More than your sales team and more than your marketing team, good IT is what keeps you going. Could your business operate without being able to safely connect online and make sales?

Spending money on IT is an investment into your future. A good IT makes it possible for you to stay connected, and stay safe. These two things are essential to every modern business.

Just imagine how hard it would be in today’s day and age to get anything done without safe internet.

What is Actually Worth Worrying About?

So once you’ve realized that IT is an essential that cannot be skipped, you need to figure out what you actually need. The specifics of this vary from business to business as not everyone has the same goals. 

This is why we recommend our FREE network consultation to help you figure out what is it you exactly need.

But there are some common needs that just about every business has.

  • Safe internet connection
  • Data security and backup
  • Disaster Recovery plans
  • Safety from malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts
  • Secure remote workplace connection

Some of these things are becoming more staples for just about everyone. And technology is always changing, growing, and adapting so it’s not only just about covering each of these areas but keeping current with them as well.

This is One of the Biggest Benefits of Having an MSP on Your Side.

Let’s say you hire an IT person who can set up the basics of all the things listed above. Now you have a working network. But as things change in the technology sphere, is this person going to be aware of it all?

Managed services teams offer just that: a team. This team will have decades of combined experience and is dedicated to keeping up with current trends for their clients.

So with an MSP, you will not only get the infrastructure that you need now, but you will also know that you have answers into the future.

I’m Paying a Lot For a Team That Usually Isn’t Doing Anything.

IT Team In house

This is another common misconception.

People who don’t understand technology think that unless they are actively working with wires and typing away like in a movie then they aren’t working.

But creating and maintaining good IT is just that-- maintenance. This is another reason that you are paying for an MSP. They are not only giving you the foundation to be successful, but are also constantly checking that foundation for cracks, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. 

You are also paying for the experience that comes with an MSP. It may seem like they are doing nothing, or solving problems very quickly. This is not because the solution is so easy that a monkey could solve it. Instead, it’s because you have people who have seen problems like these many times before. They know how to find the solution while it would take a layman hours if not days to figure out what is going on.

It’s the same as paying a doctor. You aren’t paying them for the time you are seeing them during a single visit. You are paying for the years of schooling and expertise that come with that visit.

IT Costs are Investments.

A good IT protects you and sets you up for future success. This is why paying for good IT is always worth the cost. 

Now, we don’t recommend spending 50% of your budget on the best network that you can buy. Usually, there are affordable solutions for just about every business. It’s just about finding a managed services provider that is the right fit for you.

Please give us a call to learn more about how our managed services offerings can help your business thrive!

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