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Karen Ting

I'm a dog person, I love to read Sci-Fi Novels and I'm into Dancing. I came from the Events Industry, I'm an international wedding video editor. We also travel for shoots, and most of our works have been featured locally and internationally. What I'm passionate about editing videos is that I want to tell unique and real-life stories to our viewers. During my spare time, me and partner who's also a Director here in Cebu, we love watching Movies and other cinematography workshops. What's interesting about our bond is, we don't normally watch movies like anyone does , Aside from understanding the Plot of the movie, we watch movies and go into the details and technicalities , like the angles, color grading, the lighting of the shots and we even play guessing game while watching , like we have to guess what specific lens the cameraman is using on that specific angle and somehow apply those shots to our work.