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Karen Ting

By: Karen Ting on January 13th, 2023

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What is the Server Decommissioning Process? [Video]

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Server decommissioning isn’t just a simple pulling of the plug, so it’s important to know how it’s done. In this video, we’ll go over how to decommission your server. 

server decommision

0:51 What is Server Decommissioning? 

Server Decommissioning is the process of removing a server from your IT network. It is a routine part of the data center’s life cycle that reduces the risk of server-related issues, such as power outages that can lead to data loss. In addition, server decommissioning helps in disaster recovery planning because it ultimately reduces the number of systems that need to be backed up and restored in an emergency. 

1:17 What are 3 Important Facts about Server Decommissioning? 

  1. Servers improperly disconnected can leave security holes in your network. 
  2. It takes three weeks to decommission a server. 
  3. Server decommissioning is part of the lifecycle of an IT network. 

3:19 What is the Server Decommissioning Process? 

  1. Identify the server to be decommissioned. 
  2. Get approval. 
  3. Backup your data. 
  4. Locate and terminate licenses and contracts for the servers. 
  5. Wipe data. 
  6. De-install and pack up.
  7. Reuse, recycle or resell.

Although you can decommission a server yourself as long as you have the proper tools and knowledge, it’s always recommended to have professionals handle the problem.   

If you're interested in getting ITS to help you with the server decommissioning process, schedule a meeting with one of our experts. They can give you a thorough cybersecurity assessment and walk you through the entire procedure.   

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