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Karen Ting

By: Karen Ting on November 22nd, 2022

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What is DNS and Why Is It Important? [Video]


You and your business may have gotten along fine without knowing much about DNS and what it does. That was true until October 2021 when Facebook experienced a DNS error which brought on the longest stretch of downtime it ever had since 2008. Suddenly, concerned business owners like yourself started asking, “what is DNS?” Peter Swarowski, Director of Operations at Intelligent Technical Solutions, breaks it all down in this video. 


0:39 What is DNS?  

DNS or Domain Name System is one of the most important aspects of the internet and has helped shape how we know it today. It’s like a phonebook for the internet, matching the right domain name with its corresponding IP address.  

2:05 How Does DNS Work? 

When you type a website's URL in your browser, DNS helps you connect the domain name with the right IP address. That process is called Domain Name Resolution. 

2:41 Why is DNS Important?  

DNS ensures the internet is not only user-friendly but also works smoothly, loading whatever content we ask for quickly and efficiently. It's one of the cornerstones of how the internet operates. Without it, we'd be stuck memorizing long lists of numbers (IP addresses) to access the content we want. If a DNS cannot translate the domain name with the right IP address, you won't be able to access the website you're looking for. 

3:32 How to Ensure Your DNS is Secure? 

Here are things to remember:  

  1. Use Multi-Factor Authentication for DNS and Registrar Logins  
  2. Implement DNS Filtering  
  3. Check Your Network for DNS Leaks  
  4. Pay your domain name registration and website hosting on time 

Now that you know what DNS is and why its important to your business, you need to make sure your DNS is secure. You can do so by scheduling a FREE network assessment with us. We can help you identify DNS leaks and provide DNS filtering to keep your network secure. 

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