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Karen Ting

By: Karen Ting on January 16th, 2023

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What is an Incident Response Plan (and Why You Need It) [Video]

Cybersecurity | Data Backup

No business wants to be the next cyber victim. But if your business does indeed get hit, do you and your employees know what to do during and after an incident?  

This is where an Incident Response Plan helps minimize and contain the damage to your network as much as possible. We’ll break it all down in this video.    

incident response plan

1:19 What is an Incident Response (IR) Plan? 

When a cyberattack or breach occurs, the Incident Response or IR plan is a document that guides the team through the recovery processes. It often includes:   

  • A list of roles and responsibilities for the incident response team members, including the team manager, security analysts, legal advisors, and public relations officers.     
  • A business continuity plan.  
  • A summary of the tools, technologies, and physical resources that must be in place.    
  • A list of critical network and data recovery processes.   
  • Communications, both internal and external.    

2:25 What is the Importance of an IR Plan? 

Having a comprehensive incident response plan prepares you for all kinds of situations. They’re critical when faced with the following circumstances:   

  1. Disclosure of confidential information    
  2. Asset theft or damage    
  3. Unauthorized use of services and information    
  4. Malware in the system    
  5. Unauthorized modifications and access to organizational hardware and software    
  6. Disruption of the network    
  7. Failure of critical servers    

3:31 How to Create an Incident Response Plan? 

There are four steps in creating an incident response plan: 

  1. Determine the critical components of your network.
  2. Identify potential risks in your environment and address them with redundancies. 
  3. Create a workforce continuity plan. 
  4. Draft the incident response plan.

No business is completely safe from the risk of security incidents. So it’s critical to be equipped with an extensive IR plan to avoid or at least lessen the damage.  

To build a truly comprehensive IR plan, it’s important to know the gaps in your network. To help you with this, we suggest you can schedule a meeting with one of our experts. They can provide you with a thorough cybersecurity assessment that will determine the critical parts of your network and where you can bolster your cybersecurity

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