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By: Marketing Team on July 16th, 2020

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7 Ways AI Will Improve Your Business in 2021 and Beyond

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Science fiction has now become a science fact. In this post, you will learn about the 7 ways AI will improve your business processes. 

Different Ways AI Will Be Used

AI hands pressing something on screen mirrored by human handsFor decades humanity has been dreaming of the possibilities of what could be possible when machines can take routine tasks off our hands.

Here are seven different ways that you will be able to use AI to skyrocket your business to new heights.

1. Automation of Data Entry

Data EntryEveryone, even professionals, can make mistakes when handling repetitive tasks. AI is perfect for dealing with tedious tasks like data entry, especially since we have machines that can scan documents. They can even make sense of handwritten notes.

2. Research & Development

Research and DevelopmentAI can help to create a more in-depth understanding of almost every industry by collecting and analyzing large amounts of data. AI and machine learning can assist us to research problems and discover solutions that we haven’t thought of up to this point.

AI can open the door to new discoveries, ways of improving our products or services, and accomplishing other tasks.

3. Error Correction

Hand pointing to errorAt a different time, humans would have to scrutinize the work of automated software. Now, algorithms are allowing the idea of machines correcting OUR work to become a reality. We already have computers correcting grammar, checking account records, and translating languages on our behalf.

4. Accounting

AccountingFinance professionals can leave repetitive tasks to AI while focusing on higher-level work. AI can provide real-time status updates of financial matters because it can monitor communication through natural language processing.


5. Improved Online Security

secure online transactionAI can now detect spam, malware, hacks, and other kinds of cyberattacks. As AI gets smarter and faster, it will only be a matter of time before they take the lead role in stopping cybercrime.


6. Customized Marketing

There are three areas of marketing where AI is custom made for small businesses to try:

Search Marketing

Search Marketing

AI can help small business search marketing efforts by automatically optimizing campaign keywords, site performance, and relevant tags. This optimization often yields better results at lower costs.

Targeted Displays

Targeted DisplayAs AI gets more sophisticated over time, targeted display ads get better at learning about your customers; it learns how to adapt to the messaging and imagery that most appeals to them.

Social Ads

Social AdsAdvertising platforms on social media can already help you laser-target your audiences. When you add AI, social ads become that much more effective. You can target people that fit in a specific demographic. You can also update and optimize your ads in order to drive more visits, engagement, and touchpoints with your target audience.

7. Customer Convenience

Hand doing the okay sign with green checkmark beside itAll over the world, we use home assistants to get our news, order products online, manage and check our calendars, and more. This functionality will come to small businesses in short order. With AI, you can set up virtual tools to take care of incoming phone calls, answer basic questions, and tackle customer service issues.

Is Your Company Prepared for AI?

Soon, using AI for your business will be as mandatory as using the internet. Find a way to incorporate AI into your workflow, or you’re bound to get left in the dust. Do yourself a favor and prepare your business for the future. Contact us today!

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