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Denice Ann Villegas

By: Denice Ann Villegas on September 8th, 2023

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5 Best Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) in Oakland in 2023

Managed IT Services

Cyber risks have grown worse and more abundant in the Bay Area in 2022, so much so that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found it necessary to get involved. From June to September, they launched a cybersecurity awareness campaign for companies in the area. 

The ransomware report stands out the most among all the data shared. According to the FBI, ransomware attacks have become more destructive, and malicious actors are starting to demand larger payoffs. The biggest cause of concern is the emergence of a new ransomware variant called Zeppelin. It targeted healthcare and educational institutions in the Bay Area, but this doesn’t mean that other industries are safe. Anyone can be a target. 

Companies in Oakland, one of the core cities of the Bay Area, along with San Francisco and San Jose, are prime targets of these ransomware attacks. If you fall under this category, consider partnering with a managed security service provider (MSSP). They will help fend off these attacks and protect your company’s tech and data at all costs. 

Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) offers cybersecurity services, but we won’t be promoting ourselves today. Instead, we’ll highlight other MSSPs in Oakland that we know you can trust. For your convenience, we’ve made a list below in alphabetical order based on ratings and awards received. 

The 5 Best MSSPs in Oakland 

1. ArcSource 

arcsource logo

Year Founded: 1998 

Description: ArcSource is an IT services firm that delivers IT support and security to Bay Area businesses. During their many years of service, they’ve bagged numerous awards from notable organizations, proof of their expertise and quality of service. 

Notable Awards and Accolades: 

  • CRN MSP 500 2022 
  • Channel Futures MSP 501 2021 
  • CRN MSP 500 2001 
  • Channel Futures MSP 501 2021 
  • CRM MSP 500 2020 
  • CRN MSP 500 2016-2018 
  • CRN Fast Growth 150 2018 
  • CRN Tech Elite 250 2018 
  • MSPmentor 501 2014-2016 Edition 
  • The 2019 Expy Awards 
  • Ideate Speaker Award 
  • AIA Seminar Speaker 

Services Offered: 

  • ArcSource Managed Care 
  • Cloud computing 
  • Backup and disaster recovery 
  • Cybersecurity services 
  • Tech support 

Known For: “The Arcsource Way,” which is a proactive IT approach. This means they do more than fix problems; they also help prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Main Office Address:  

2550 9th Street, Suite 102, Berkeley, CA 94710 

Service Locations: San Francisco, East Bay 

Google Rating and Number of Reviews: 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0 Stars, 10 Reviews 

2. CyberDuo 

cyberduo logo

Year Founded: 2008 

Description: CyberDuo offers different IT support and services to help organizations adopt and utilize technology to unlock new capabilities. Sustainability, integrity, responsibility, and diversity are the driving forces behind their operation. 

Notable Awards and Accolades: 

  • Clutch Top Global IT and Development Firm 2021 
  • Clutch Leading Cybersecurity Provider 2020 
  • G2 Top 5 Managed IT Service Providers 
  • UpCity Top Cybersecurity Provider 
  • The Manifest Top Cybersecurity Provider 

Services Offered: 

  • Managed IT services 
  • Managed security services 
  • Managed cloud services 
  • Professional services 

Known For: Creating a Zero Trust framework to strengthen cybersecurity for a hybrid or fully remote workplace, a shift that started because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Main Office Address:  

535 N Brand Blvd Suite 270,  Glendale, CA 91203, United States 

Service Locations: California 

Google Rating and Number of Reviews: 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0 Stars, 16 Reviews 

What Businesses Need to Know About Managed Cybersecurity Services

3. Jacobian Engineering 

jacobian engineering logo

Year Founded: 2005 

Description: Jacobian Engineering helps businesses operate safely and smoothly through their security, compliance, and managed IT services. As a HITRUST assessor, they ensure clients are HIPAA compliant. 

Notable Awards and Accolades: 

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Competency 2019 
  • HITRUST Assessor in 2016 

Services Offered: 

  • Security 
  • Compliance 
  • IT governance 
  • Managed cloud 
  • Managed IT 
  • Training 
  • Risk assessment tool 

Known For: Its right-size-fit approach for businesses of all types and sizes. They tailor their services to their client’s needs, budget, and roadmap. 

Main Office Address:  

2381 Mariner Square Dr STE 280,  Alameda, CA 94501 

Service Locations: California, Nebraska 

Google Rating and Number of Reviews: 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0 Stars, 2 Reviews 

4. Tech Plus Consulting

tech plus consulting logo

Year Founded: 2014 

Description: Tech Plus Consulting is an MSSP for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the East Bay Area. They provide outsourced responsive and 24/7 IT support that will free you from tech issues and allow you to focus on your business. 

Notable Awards and Accolades: 

  • Channel Futures MSP 501 2020 
  • Channel Futures MSP 501 2021 
  • Channel Futures NextGen 101 2021 

Services Offered: 

  • Managed IT 
  • Managed security services 
  • Firewall and network design 
  • IT projects 
  • IT roadmap/IT strategy 

Known For: Providing cybersecurity for SMBs with 15 to 125 employees. They offer protection from cyber criminals, cyberattacks, and other cyber risks. 

Main Office Address:  

2744 E. 11th ST, Suite H7, Oakland, CA 94601 

Service Locations: San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, East Bay 

Google Rating and Number of Reviews: 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.2 Stars, 5 Reviews 

5. Xantrion 

xantrion logo

Year Founded: 2000 

Description: Xantrion provides start-ups and SMBs with peace of mind so they can focus on achieving their goals and growing their business. They do this through their industry-focused solutions and cybersecurity expertise. Their superior services evolve according to client needs and changes in the cyber-threat landscape. 

Notable Awards and Accolades: 

  • CRN MSP 500 2022 
  • Best Places to Work 2022 
  • MSSP Alert Top 250 MSSPs 2021 

Services Offered: 

  • IT roadmap 
  • Certified support 
  • Proactive monitoring 
  • Managed security 
  • Cloud strategy 
  • Backup and recovery 

Known For: Their 24/7 IT support and audit-ready cybersecurity program. They’ve offered these services for 20 years to SMBs across the US. 

Main Office Address:  

651 Thomas L. Berkeley Way, Oakland, CA 94612 

Service Locations: Bay Area 

Google Rating and Number of Reviews: 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 Stars, 39 Reviews 

Which MSSP in Oakland Should You Choose? 

Cybersecurity should be a top priority for businesses based in Oakland. We understand that it could be daunting to ward away these cyber threats, which is why MSSPs exist to help you. 

The MSSPs we’ve listed should be able to help you out with your cybersecurity needs. But if you’re looking for other options, we at Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) might satisfy your curiosity. We are an award-winning MSSP with 20+ years of experience in the industry. If you partner with us, you can guarantee your business will stay protected as you progress and grow. You can schedule a meeting with one of our experts if you want to learn more about our cybersecurity services.  

We also have excellent materials in our learning center that should help you with your search for an MSSP in Oakland: 

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