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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on January 12th, 2022

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4 Ways Proactive IT Saves You Money [Video]

Managed IT Services | Video

Proactive IT Saves you Money

Unlike the break-fix model, proactive IT solves your problem even before it happens, reducing expenses and headaches in the process. In this video, you will learn the ways proactive IT saves your business a significant amount of money in the long run. 

In this video, we’ll cover: 

1. Can you save money when you spend on proactive IT? 0:31 

Putting money into proactive is more of investing and less of spending. As businesses rely more on technology, keeping your network up and running becomes more valuable.  

2. What are the four ways proactive IT saves you money? 1:01 

a. Minimized downtime 1:19

The number one cost of business for IT is downtime. It is not the cost of your server or service plan. Rather, your biggest IT cost is when your system is neglected and now, it is down. You cannot perform any work. This loss in revenue could have easily been avoided through proactive IT and planning.

b. Protection Against Data Loss 2:00

Data loss can occur in many ways and cost your business in many ways. With a robust and redundant backup in place, your business can easily be protected from data loss. Proactive IT will ensure that your backup is in place and updated every day.

c. Fewer Security Vulnerabilities 2:38

As attacks get more complicated and targeted, being on top of your network security is more critical than ever. Some of the ways your business can be vulnerable are not installing the latest patches, business email compromise, and ransomware. Proactive IT ensures that your network is always up to date to minimize security vulnerabilities.  

d. Reduced Performance Bottlenecks 4:30

Proactive IT allows your business to determine where there are business bottlenecks and can provide suggestions to improve them. It can determine how else your business can leverage technology and streamline your operations. 

Make the most out of your technology, and schedule a free network assessment with us. It will help you understand the potential gaps in your technological environment and learn how proactive IT can further improve your business. 

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