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By: Marketing Team on November 3rd, 2020

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5 Ways Managed IT Helps Save Time

Managed IT Services

One of the best things about technology is its ability to help us get more done, more quickly than ever before. An effective IT department can help streamline processes and give other departments the tools they need to succeed. But can your one IT person have the same impact as a managed services provider?

Here are 5 ways that Managed IT Services can help you save time beyond what a small IT department can do.

1. Find problems, and solutions, faster.

Managed IT service companies come with a whole team of people dedicated to getting these jobs done. That means that you have more eyes on the problems that may occur, but you also have additional years of experience across the team.

One IT person may have a decade of experience, but a team of 30 people combined will be able to bring a wealth of knowledge that one person will not have on their own. This combination of expertise makes it possible to find solutions more quickly and keeps your data secure.

2. We speak the language

MSP Technician giving support

Managed services providers specialize in all sorts of IT needs. This means that they need to understand how to communicate needs, problems, and solutions in an effective way.

A managed IT team has the level of expertise needed to translate the tech speak, help teams understand what is happening, and quickly find the needed solutions.

Just about anyone could find the solutions to their own tech problems if they take the time. The issue is that if you don’t speak the language it can take a long time to figure out what is happening in the first place.

Most people don’t know how to check if the firewall in their proxy server is correctly organizing traffic and how it is affected bandwidth. It is definitely possible to start to begin creating your own security strategy but the time it takes to learn typically offsets and costs benefits.

A managed service provider will understand what’s happening right away and will communicate the tech speak into something the layman can understand. This results in a security strategy that everyone understands and can be ridiculously helpful to those not well versed in IT.

3. Stop Problems Before They Happen

Managed IT Team workingProactive problem solving is extremely important in IT. Waiting for security threats to come along and only then addressing them is ineffective. It can also leave you vulnerable to attacks that could bring you down for weeks, or longer.

Managed IT works continuously to stop problems before they happen. It should be about business continuity over disaster recovery.

Imagine your network is like a car. If you take care of it, bring it into the shop for a maintenance check every few months, and address changes before pieces break then you will have a smooth ride. Sure, you may need to let your car sit in the shop for a day for a scheduled repair, but there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Or, you could just drive until your transition falls out, or your engine blows because you never change the oil. This is now an expensive and time-consuming repair that could leave you without a vehicle for a long time.

Setting a network up for long-term success is what managed services do, and it will save your office time down the road.

4. Continual Checks Save Downtime

Similar to the previous point, MSPs work to stop downtime. The job is to keep up to date on your system and make sure that you are protected from security threats.

This is seen most by constantly updating and making sure that your system is protected day-to-day. This means keeping up to date on ransomware attacks, using the newest software to keep your system safe, and remote monitoring your system 24 hours a day.

This constant maintenance is what MSPs do. They manage your services with an emphasis on business continuity and cybersecurity.

5. No Employees to Manage

Worry free Manager

A managed service provider is an off-site management team. They do not work in your office and are not your employee.

Really, a managed service provider is firstly a customer service provider. That means that all the work that an MSP offers will put you first. There is nothing to manage from a payroll side, tax liabilities, or any other things that you would need to factor in with a real employee.

MSPs offer better IT productivity, with less housekeeping on the side of the company. This structure lets everyone focus on their own expertise and keep things running smoothly.

Find the Ways that Managed IT Services can Help Your Company Thrive

Manage IT solutions are being used more and more by big tech, lawyers, healthcare businesses, and more. This is because the benefits are striking and only becoming more clear.

ITS offers a FREE network assessment that lets you explore IT solutions to help get your business where it needs to go.

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