I Have A Perfectly Legal Way For You To Save A Bundle Of Money On Taxes, Computer Hardware, And Support, But You Have To Act FAST...

Please forgive the headline if it seems a bit “sensational”, but we really needed a way to get your attention about a perfectly legal way to save a LOT of money on taxes, computer hardware and office equipment.

Let Us Explain…

Thanks to a special tax deduction for small businesses titled “Section 179 Election”, the Federal Government allows you to buy up to $500,000 in machinery, computers, software, office furniture, vehicles or other tangible goods and REDUCE your taxable income on your current year’s tax return.

But to get the deduction for tax year 2017, you have to act now, as once the clock strikes midnight on 12/31/17, Section 179 can’t help preserve your 2017 profits anymore.

But That’s Not The Only Way You’ll Save Money… Manufacturers and Vendors Are ALSO Giving Year-End Incentives

Section 179 Reduce Your Taxes 2017

Most IT vendors and manufacturers offer really incredible rebates and discounts on equipment towards the end of the year in a last ditch effort to improve annual sales. After all, they need to look good to their investors!

So if you are going to need a network upgrade in their near future, you can not only get better deals on software and equipment, but you can also get the generous tax savings, making this a "double dip" on saving money.

As for us, we are offering a Computer Network Assessment, a $499 value, completely FREE. This 300+ report will equip you to make better decisions about your spending on technology equipment.


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