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By: Marketing Team on March 28th, 2022

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Why Reactive IT Support Puts Your Business at Risk

Managed IT Services

Thinking it would save them money, many business owners take a reactive approach to managing their network issues. They often use patchwork solutions in fixing their problems and call for network security specialists only when their issue is already out of hand. 

What they don’t realize is that this kind of practice is, in fact, more costly and unsafe. 

Being reactive on your IT issues especially cybersecurity-related issues can be downright dangerous. It leaves your system vulnerable to cyber threats and unprepared for unanticipated circumstances like power outages and equipment failure. This can severely hamper your company’s performance and productivity. Worse, it can paint a poor picture of how you manage your business. 

At Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS), we help hundreds of businesses improve their network experience through constant system check-ups and updates of both software and hardware. This article will help you understand why having a proactive approach to your network needs is suitable for your business. 

Reasons to Practice Proactive IT Support 

Proactive instead of Reactive

If you think taking a proactive approach to managing your network is costly, you may have been getting your facts from the wrong people. Being proactive will bring many benefits to you, your team, and your business. 

If time and staffing inhibit you from taking up this approach, you may use the services of a managed IT services provider (MSP) instead. Part of their services is to proactively check your network to ensure your safety 24/7. They use modern tools and resources to detect and prevent dilemmas from ever occurring. 

Here are three reasons why you should be proactive in your network concerns:

Business Value1. Increase the Value of Your Business 

Can you imagine the bad publicity your business would face if hackers could steal customer data from your network? You and your team will be pressed on the measures you deployed to fend off the attacks. If the public found out that you weren’t proactive in securing their information, then your company’s reputation would plummet.   

When customers know you take extra measures to secure their data, their trust in your business increases. It will give them a sense that you care about their privacy, which they will appreciate. When you establish trust, you also build loyalty. Happy and loyal customers are more likely to refer your services to others, which alone can go a long way for your company.

Cybersecurity to the Pros2. It’s a Lot Safer than Trying to Do it Yourself. 

DIY projects are fantastic. It allows you to learn new skills and save money. But when you’re dealing with something serious like cybersecurity, you’re better off handing the work to professionals. 

Unless you are an expert and have studied the field, we suggest not DIYing the digital issues you are experiencing. Doing so poses the risk of administering the wrong solution, making the condition even worse. 

We suggest hiring a seasoned Managed IT Service company instead. Employing their service is like having a team of IT gurus at your disposal – loaded for bear and ready for battle. Experienced and trained, they know what to do when a crisis hits. And if you got the good ones, they should be able to identify potential issues and defuse them before it even becomes a speck on your sight.

Prevention icon3. Prevent Problems from Happening 

Do you hate it when a system issue prevented you from completing your task only to discover that it could’ve been prevented with a simple software update a few days ago? Frustrating, right? 

Minor nuisances can become big problems if left unattended. This will cost your team productivity and revenue loss. The main goal of being proactive is to prevent such problems from ever occurring. 

Other than creating a wall between your business and hackers, managed IT services also help prevent unexpected issues from occurring. They will make sure that your systems and software are up to date and in tip-top condition so that you and your team can perform at your peak. 

Managed IT services will also help prepare your business for particular circumstances like power outages and equipment failure by constantly backing up your data, ensuring minimal data loss during emergencies, and quicker recovery. 

Ready for a Proactive Approach to Managing your IT? 

Taking a proactive approach to managing your network does sound tedious. But you don’t have to do it yourself. A seasoned managed IT service provider can do the hard work for you so you can focus on your actual work. 

Managed IT Service will also help your business become more productive by ensuring that your system and network are constantly updated and running at 100 percent efficiency. Lesser downtime and more productivity mean more significant revenue and less expense for your business. 

Remember, a reactive approach to your problems puts your business, employees, and customers at significant risk. 

Here at ITS, we help hundreds of businesses take a proactive approach to managing their IT. Want to know more about Managed IT Service Provider? Then read our article entitled 4 Security Benefits of Managed IT Services (& 2 Disadvantages). 

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