By: laurencem on May 8th, 2018

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Are Internet Connected Devices Threatening Your Cybersecurity?


ITS, a Managed IT Service Provider, recently became aware of something fishy in a casino's cybersecurity. In this blog post, learn if your devices connected to the internet threatens your cybersecurity. 

According to BBC News, the casino had recently installed an impressive new aquarium in their lobby. Internet-connected sensors inside the tank automatically monitored the water quality and temperature, then relayed information to the casino's computer network. That high-tech system, ironically, created a security vulnerability.

While the casino's computer network was protected by firewalls and antivirus software, the internet-connected aquarium itself wasn't as secure. Computer hackers used the aquarium sensors to break into the computer network, intent on stealing the bank information of the casino's wealthy guests.

Internet-connected devices allow your business to do more -- but can they also present a cybersecurity risk?

While the attack was stopped before any damage was done, it reveals a commonly overlooked cybersecurity gap. As internet-connected devices become more common in the workplace, they open up new security vulnerabilities for computer hackers to exploit.

Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Computer Network from Devices

Internet-connected devices can create hidden dangers to your cybersecurity. Managed IT service providers recommend taking these steps to protect your business computer network.

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  1. Do not allow devices to have direct web-facing connections. Direct connectivity to the internet can create a security risk.
  2. Avoid devices that can't automatically update their firmware or install patches as needed.
  3. Before connecting any device to your computer network, evaluate the levels of access this device actually needs.
  4. Never use the default password. Always create new passwords for each individual device account. Make sure passwords are strong and unique.
  5. Disable any features or services that are unsecured or unneeded.
  6. Change the default credentials on every device.
  7. Isolate internet-connected devices from critical networks by creating separate network zones.
  8. Track all internet-connected devices by adding them to your inventory list of IT assets.
  9. Have your managed IT service provider regularly check all internet-connected devices for updates, patches, and other security needs.
  10. Ask a trusted Managed IT Service Provider to monitor the events and logs of all internet-connected devices.

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