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By: Marketing Team on December 28th, 2020

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Why Should I Pay for IT? The Value of Good Business Technology

Managed IT Services

A good IT is like a good immune system. When your immune system is working correctly then you don't even need to think about it, processes continue and you go about your day without a second thought. This article will teach you why should you invest in IT.

However, if you get sick then suddenly health is on the mind. Why did I get sick? How did I let this virus into my system? Why isn't my body doing what it needs to in order to protect itself?

There is a similar line of thinking when it comes to technology costs for a business.

When everything is running as it should then no one really thinks about what IT is doing. You are focused on the day-to-day activities of your business and just let IT do what it needs to in the background.

However, this can lead to a misunderstanding of why you are spending money on technology services, especially when it comes to small businesses.

Technology Costs. Why Pay at All?

Paying for tech solutions is always worthwhile, no matter the size of the business. Of course, different sized businesses have different needs, but all organizations should have some IT team to back them up.

tech team

IT comes in all shapes and sizes, but there are some things that every business should be accounted for.

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Data Management
  3. Disaster Recovery
  4. Software Configuration
  5. IT Support

There are countless ways that technology can help your business but these 5 areas can cover about any small business. Each one of these 5 areas will lead to a safer and more efficient organization.

Online safety has never been more important. Phishing attacks are on the rise since the COVID pandemic has pushed more businesses than ever to move online.

There are also entire black markets curated around selling and profiting from malware and ransomware that attack businesses of all sizes.

The dangers are always lurking online and having an IT team to help you mitigate any dangers is essential. Otherwise, you could face a true business nightmare when someone comes to attack your system.

The Common Technology Mistake

Too many people undervalue just how important IT can be. We know that small businesses don't have the ability to spend money on everything. However, skipping IT can be a costly mistake.

Let's imagine your technology center as your business immune system again.

sick person in bed

When your body is working well then your life is going well. However, let's imagine that you aren't doing what you need to in order to stay healthy.

Instead of buying healthy food you only eat junk, and you don't give your body the vitamins it needs to stay healthy. After all, healthy food costs more and you are on a budget.

But then you get sick. Maybe you are sick for weeks. Suddenly everything starts to pile up as your sickness leaves you helpless. Maybe you need to go to the hospital and spend thousands of dollars as you allow your body to recover.

Suddenly spending a couple of extra bucks on healthier food and vitamins doesn't seem like such a bad idea in comparison to hospital expenses and weeks of downtime, does it?

That's how IT can be. 

Many people simply don't put the money into IT in the beginning because they perceive everything to be fine.

But once an attack does happen and they are either ransomed for everything their business is worth or have to spend countless costs and hours trying to recover from a situation that was entirely avoidable.

Having good technology for your business is what will stop your organization from crumbling from within.

Good IT Solutions for Your Organization!

Depending on the size of your business, it is totally reasonable that you could THEORETICALLY handle your small business IT needs on your own.

After all, everything that an IT team does is something that you could learn. But that takes hours every day of learning new skills, keeping up with trends that are always changing, and adding another thing to your plate that you need to constantly manage.

This is why almost nobody does their own tech work. It is just not a reasonable thing to expect. This is why almost every business has an IT department.

Pros of an IT department:

  • You can hire a person you specifically choose
  • They are in-house with you all the time
  • Their focus is solely on your business needs.

Cons of an IT department:

  • Usually only a one or two-person team
  • Only work during business hours. No 24/7 support
  • Costs are hired. You have to pay salary, 401k, taxes, infrastructure, etc.
  • Limited in skills and scope of knowledge

IT departments can be great for large organizations that can spend the money on hiring the best people possible to handle their specific needs. However, this is becoming a less-desired option, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Instead, more businesses than ever are turning to managed service providers for their IT needs.

Managed service providers are a great solution for just about any business.

Pros of working with an MSP

  • Bigger teams of people. More collective knowledge
  • More years of experience dealing with numerous problems
  • More cost-efficient
  • Only pay for the services that you actually need
  • 24/7 support for all problems
  • (Most) offer both mobile and in-person support

Cons of working with an MSP

  • Not always physically in the house to talk directly about problems
  • They have other clients so it can feel as if you are not the main focus
  • You only pay for what you get. You can't just assign anything for them to do without it being part of your service agreement

Overall managed IT service providers provide a bigger team of people to help with problems. They are able to bring more combined years of experience to the table and do it at a lower monthly cost.

The Takeaway

Nobody wants to pay more to run their business. However, doing the right thing now can save you later. This is why you pay for tech support.

At Intelligent Technical Solutions, we are dedicated to helping all businesses find the support they need to thrive.

Please give us a call to learn more about how we can help you meet your IT needs, or click the link below to learn more about our FREE NO OBLIGATION IT consultation.

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