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By: Marketing Team on November 26th, 2020

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Solving IT as a Process: Why Every Step Matters?

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Nowadays, just about everyone on earth knows how to operate a computer. You can power it up, move files around, download documents, and browse the web, but most people do not know how to solve IT problems. This article will help you solve IT as a process. 

Not having the knowledge of what goes on inside the system can make fixing problems very difficult. This is why almost every business has an IT team to help them through technical issues.

However, good IT solutions are not created by completing just one task. There is a process to solving IT problems and having people on your side who understand that process is essential.

IT Solutions are Complex

Tech processes

Imagine that you just bought a new house and you are renovating it. You find that there is a switch that does not turn on a certain light as it should. You flip it on and off and yet nothing happens.

When you flip the switch and nothing happens you are doing step one, which is identifying the problem. Identifying the problem is the easiest part. We all know when something is not working the way it is supposed to. But to get that light switch to work you need to start to figure out where the problem begins.

Is the light switch not connected correctly, or is there a blown fuse? Maybe there are wires that are not connected correctly, or maybe the light that is installed is not compatible with some other essential piece.

The best way to solve this problem is to go back to step one and work your way through each piece until you find the solution.

This is the process that our team at ITS takes when solving IT problems.

How a Process-Oriented Team is Different?

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This process of solving IT problems is at the heart of what a managed service provider like the team at Intelligent Technical Solutions offers.

It is smart to be suspicious of anyone offering complete IT solutions in the form of downloadable software, or a quick audit of your network. Real IT solutions should be created from the ground up.

A managed services provider can give you a team of people that are able to track a problem back to the very beginning. It is essential to have people who understand the big picture.

When it comes to IT, and especially security services, you want people who solve the whole problem. If you have a leak in a dam you want the entire wall fixed, not just a piece of tape over the hole.

Peter Swarowski is the Director of Operations at ITS and an ex-professional poker player. His time on the card table has helped him shape the way that the professionals at ITS tackle complicated tasks.

"It’s controlling your emotion, keeping your head in a good headspace, knowing when to quit, knowing when to play longer," Swarowski says in regards to playing the comparison between IT solutions and high-intensity poker hands.

"The diligent, methodological approach helps. There is so much context in poker and the same is with computers. We have to go through the whole process to look through and analyze to see where it went wrong."

Why Process Matters in IT?

Probably the most common thing people think about with IT is security solutions. Being infected with ransomware is enough to bring down almost any company.

Keeping Malware away and taking necessary steps to avoid, protect, and move forward from attacks are all part of the process-oriented approach for IT problem-solving.

Malware can be very tricky. You may think that you can delete an infected folder, but when Malware spreads it can hide in all sorts of hard-to-detect ways.

This is when teams like ITS can be essential in saving your business.

They are able to take the whole process back to the start.

  • Identify what the problem is
  • Help determine how it got in
  • Find out what its infecting, where, and how its spreading
  • Help stop the spread of the infection
  • Provide additional security for future attacks
  • Assist in disaster recovery (if needed)

A process-oriented team can also help you know when extreme measures have to be taken. It could be possible that the whole network needs to be taken down in order to remove the root of the problem. But this kind of solution can only be truly determined by identifying each step of the process

Taking this process-oriented approach to IT is at the heart of what ITS offers. The professional managed services team is able to help you go back to the beginning of where it all went wrong.

This helps you not only solve the original problem you are having but also sets you up to patch any additional issues that you find along the way.

Give us a call to learn more about how our great managed services team can help you get your IT system running as it should.5 Big Ways IT Outsourcing can Boost your Company's Productivity