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By: Marketing Team on December 18th, 2020

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Is IT Important for Small Business?

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Online attacks are becoming more common than ever before. We have seen huge businesses get attacked and lose countless dollars in the process. If organizations like Target or whole cities like Atlanta are getting attacked, then nobody is safe!


Well, yes and no. It is of course true that there are dangers online. These dangers can topple giants, but that does not mean that smaller organizations are doomed for failure. 

Many small businesses have a misunderstanding about cybersecurity and their IT options.

There are two lines of thought and we will address them both.

But spoiler alert! IT is important in both cases!

If hackers can hit big organizations then what can I do?


It’s common for some people to look at it as a lost cause. If huge organizations can spend millions on IT and still get hit then what’s the point of IT at all?

If someone wants to get in they are going to get in. There is nothing to do so it’s better to just focus on business.


Online security is basic stuff and it is surprising how effective it can be when done correctly. Don’t forget that a huge organization has many people. More people mean more chances for someone to make a mistake.

So even though they may spend millions on IT there is a much bigger chance of someone within that organization making a mistake. It’s not the IT or security measures that let them down. Usually, it’s someone within the organization who makes an honest mistake and everyone faces the consequences.

Smaller organizations can actually be better at instituting strong security policies that keep you safe. It’s not always just the IT that saves you, but also the people within your organization and the culture around cybersecurity.

But IT is still important. Employees and the tools together create a strong network, and that can be created at the biggest or smallest level. 

IT security is not a lost cause just because you are small. In some cases, more basic IT options can be perfect for small businesses while keeping them safe. 

My Business is too small to attack, so who cares?

small business owner

This is the other very common thought that business owners have. Someone might have a very small business operating out of their garage and have very minimal capital. They feel like they need to focus on the “real” parts of their business and let IT work itself out later. After all, who wants to go after someone so small anyway?

It is similar to how people who live in the country often don’t lock their front doors at night, while people in the city know how dangerous that is. Country folk knows that they are in a small place and nobody is targeting them.

But it only takes one person entering that door uninvited to cause big trouble!

No business is too small to be attacked.

Hackers are often using complex software to look for those who may be vulnerable. They don’t really care about how much money they could get, as long as it’s easy money. 

I’m sure all of us would take $1000 if it was sitting right in front of us, even if there were millions out there that were hard to get it.

Start Your IT Journey

You don’t need to spend half of your profits on the best IT network available, but doing nothing is just asking to be attacked.

A great way for small businesses to find a good solution is to work with a managed service provider. Teams, like ours at Intelligent Technical Solutions, often operate on a monthly or subscription-based service. This means that you can get the services that you need without emptying your entire wallet.

Give us a call to learn about how we can help your small business today!The Whys and Hows of an Engaging Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program