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By: Marketing Team on January 21st, 2021

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Optimize your Business Technology for Success

Managed IT Services

There is no doubt that technology is a major determining factor in a business's success. Competition is fierce in the business world, and for every technology that you skip, there is a business using that tool. Learn more on how you can optimize your Business. 

We all know that having the best tools and spending the most money does not always lead to success. 

Would you rather have a carpenter fresh out of apprenticeship who has a bunch of fancy tools and no completed projects to show, or an experienced craftsman who has a simpler toolset?

Most people would choose the experienced person with the simple tools. This is because this person knows how to use the tools they actually need for a job, instead of fumbling around and trying to be fancy for no reason.

The same is true with technology.

Optimizing Technology for Success

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For most businesses, success does not need to come from an expensive overhaul of their entire technology network. Instead, it comes down to a couple of important factors.

  • Configuring systems to work well together
  • Freeing up space from unnecessary programs and software
  • Having the right tools for the right jobs
  • Creating a system that works together, smoothly
  • Updating everything to its newest version

The reality is that most people do not have their systems optimized how they should. This slows down the processing time for the hardware but also makes things harder on the human side.

For example, your business may have both Zoom and Teams subscriptions for your business. You’ve heard that everyone uses Zoom these days so that becomes your default video meeting application.

However, during your meeting, people want to send links and important information. So instead of bogging down a chatbot, they use a secondary application to keep notes and stay on task.

Things like this happen all the time. However, in this case, Microsoft Teams can offer all the solutions that you need in one place. So a smarter solution would be to remove the programs that are adding more complications and only use the one that actually makes sense for your needs.

In a reverse example maybe you have both software above but you have a small team that only needs to video conference. In this case, a Teams subscription is probably a waste of money for your needs. Instead, you should use the free or cheap versions that you need, and save the money for other important parts of your business.

This is why you need to optimize your technology for success.

Work with Managed Services!

It can be extremely difficult to figure out the inner working of each application that your business relies on. This is when working with a managed services team can be a good choice.

Managed services teams can help keep you constantly updated and work to fix your current network. Once the system is set up correctly you can rely on them to maintain the network, and also keep you updated on new software that might be better than your current solution.

This will keep your business running smoothly, help save you money, save time, and give you the security to know that your system will be working well into the future. Contact us today!

Smart Ways to Optimize your Growing Business Network