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By: Marketing Team on May 31st, 2021

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Do I Actually Need Managed IT?

Managed IT Services

If you own a small or large business, there is a high chance someone has pitched you managed IT Services, and you may have asked- "Do I even need Managed IT?"

As a business owner, this is actually a reasonable question.  One thing you have to deal with when you run a business is it can feel like everyone is always trying to stick their hands into your pockets and it is hard to know what is actually a must-have, and what is nice to have.

An IT Technician checking serversFor example, let's say I am a plumber with 3 employees, do I need Managed IT Services?  Generally speaking, we believe some level would help, but what you do is going to vary vastly from what a $200 million dollar company does for their IT.

First off, let's look at how things run:

files and data securityYou may want to start with a few systems that REALLY matter - 1) Accounting.  Is this protected so no matter what happens, you are guarded against data manipulation, theft, or loss?  This could look like a disgruntled employee logging in and downloading the whole client list.  It could also be if someone clicks a link that gives them malware, is your accounting still protected and backed up.  It is hard to run a business if you don't know what people owe you.  The biggest thing we see here is unauthorized downloading of data which later is used to compete with your business.

Next, let's look at Email:

email securityAre you protecting computers from phishing scams that get sent?  Do your people know how to avoid getting their computers infected?  When people are out of the office, can they easily access their email?  If you fire someone, how long is it before they are unable to access their email or send an email from their smart device to clients?

We see companies suffer because a rogue former employee decides to enact vengeance after they are terminated.  How are you managing all of this?  We can shut all the access down to every cloud-based and locally hosted system if we work out these details together, to help prevent data loss or data theft.

Finally, Updating Patches and Security:

patches and security updatedMost people just run a few computers in their office and neglect to pay an IT company to update the necessary security patches and updates.  A lot of the data loss and locks happen because these updates are not being done so people are using technology that isn't being updated and secured.


Ultimately, most companies need some form of managed IT.  If you think about the importance of all the systems you run, it will be easy to understand why your company needs Managed IT Services.

The Bigger the Company, the More You Need These Services!

Now, let's start adding more to your IT infrastructure.  Maybe you are running Cisco equipment, maybe you have document management, maybe you have multiple sites with some kind of managed VoIP setup for your phones.  The more you have going on, the more sense it makes to hire a company that can help you keep it all working and organized.

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