Reno MSP ProTechnical Forms Strategic Partnership with ITS

Managed IT Services

Reno, NV: Reno-based managed-service provider ProTechnical has successfully joined Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) in a strategic partnership since December 19, 2022. 

“Turning concepts into real working solutions is what we do as leaders, and this partnership is already proving to be an amazing win for our client base and our talented staff,” Rick Thomas, the founder of ProTechnical, said. “I am thankful for the successes spanning nearly a decade and a half of serving clients from Reno to Portland and so very grateful for the ITS team embracing all of us with open arms.” 

The collaboration between ITS and ProTechnical is nothing new. Thomas and Tom Andrulis, CEO of ITS have been collaborating for years, yet growing their companies separately. 

expanding a company

“Rick Thomas and I share the same vision of an exceptional client experience and a quality company to grow together. Deepening our presence in Northern and Southern Nevada will also provide our clients added value and broader IT support coverage,” Andrulis said. 

The partnership will help expand the capabilities of both companies, giving local businesses in the area access to a broader range of enterprise-level IT services. “In addition to broader geographic coverage, ProTechnical’s expertise in healthcare and high-end networking help round out our product and service portfolio,” Andrulis added. 

For more information on how this partnership will affect current clients, please feel free to reach out to the ITS Director of Client Communications at (888) 969-3636. 

About Intelligent Technical Solutions 

Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) is a managed security service provider offering federal-grade cybersecurity to businesses across the United States. The company was founded in 2003 and help countless businesses meet their current and future goals through technology. ITS has also received a number of accolades and recognition throughout the years. Most recently, the company was recognized by the CRN list of 2023 MSP500 and MSSP Alert’s Top 250 MSSPs. 

About ProTechnical 

Founded by Rick Thomas at the end of 2008, ProTechnical is an IT service company known for offering best in class IT solutions with a fixed fee model. Through the years, the company has become a leading full-service technology solutions provider and one of Reno and Portland’s trusted Cisco, Microsoft and Dell advanced partners.  New call-to-action