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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on April 13th, 2023

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What is Noise in IT [Video]

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IT noise

In the world of IT, noise refers to any technology-related issue that your business is experiencing, and it can cost your business thousands of dollars. In this video, Rick Catron breaks down what noise is and how you can reduce it in your business. 

0:40 What is Noise? 

Noise refers to any technology-related issue that your business is experiencing. It can be something as trivial as forgotten passwords to more problematic issues such as slow Internet or outdated and vulnerable equipment. Basically, anything that disrupts your business’ natural workflow, whether it's regarding people, processes, or products, is considered noise. 

1:04 How does Noise affect IT processes? 

  1. Cause disturbance or interruption in operations 
  2. Lead to poor customer experience 
  3. Creates an unpleasant work environment`

1:47 What are simple tips on reducing Noise?

  1. Create a system that keeps track of the existing issues 
  2. Empower your personnel with proper training and knowledge  
  3. Clarify priorities and procedures to manage backlog better  
  4. Encourage user self-service or self-resolution by training clients and staff  
  5. Perform reviews or assessments regularly 
  6. Have a proactive approach to IT 

Now that you know all there is to know about noise, the next step is to apply this knowledge to your business. Understanding noise and how to reduce it can help your business save thousands to millions of dollars.   

Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) has a free tool that you can use called Noise Calculator. Our tool calculates approximately how much you can save if you keep IT noise to a minimum.  Schedule a Meeting