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By: Marketing Team on October 9th, 2020

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What is 2FA and Why Does it Matter?


Two-factor authentication is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective ways to add security to your IT network. Stop attackers before its too late. In this article, learn more about 2FA and why it is important to implement. 

Security systems are improving every day. Tools that were used a couple of years ago can be obsolete now, but new processes come along that help us stay safe in the current landscape. One of these new tools that everyone who wants a secure IT system should be using is two-factor authentication (2FA).

What is 2FA?

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Two-factor authentication is a process that adds a secondary login whenever you want to access something important. This secondary login is there to ensure that it is actually the person who is authorized to get access is getting in while getting scammers out.

How does 2FA work?

Many popular services already have some sort of 2FA integrated into their services in one way or another. Google will send you authorization requests if they see what they consider to be suspicious, and Microsoft has similar practices. However, it does not have to be just suspicious behavior. The best practice is to use 2FA for every login if you want ultimate security. After the first login, you will get some kind of verification request that is typically sent to your phone. Once you get the message you are prompted to enter a code, and you are allowed to get into whatever you wanted.

How 2FA helps Keep you Protected?

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Let’s imagine that someone has gained access to your email password through a phishing attempt, or some other kind of hack. They wait for the right time before trying to enter your credentials and get access to your data. After much planning, they decide that tonight is the night to try and use your password to break in.

So this hacker has your password, and your data is in danger. They enter the password expecting to get in but are stopped by a screen requesting a code to be entered before they can see your email.

At the same time, you do not know that anything is wrong until you get the message from Google, or whatever service you choose to use. You are informed that someone has tried to log in. If it was you, then enter the code and move on, but if it’s not then you know you have a problem.

It’s at this time that you know something is wrong. Change your password, check your data to make sure everything is ok, and contact whatever type of IT support you have to inform them that someone attempted to attack your system.

How does 2FA Helps Security?

This kind of forewarning is essential when stopping data breaches. Two-factor authentication is the most important (and essentially free) practice to instill in order to keep IT security locked uptight.

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and the attacks being used are better than ever. This means that at some point just about everyone is going to have a password stolen at some point. This means that your data is in danger.

Adding 2FA to your IT security helps put an important barrier that is hard, but not impossible, for many hackers to overcome. It adds an extra wall for them to access, and gives you a warning when something might be about to happen. That gives you time to get a plan into action and take the proper steps to manage your IT security.

2FA Is Not Enough By Itself

The best IT security takes many different approaches to keep you safe. However, no single process can keep you entirely protected. It’s all about taking the proper steps to sure up the problem areas before you are taken advantage of. In that way, adding 2FA is one of the most simple, and effective ways to increase IT security.

Another way you can make your data even stronger is to work with a managed services provider who can help keep all your IT security needs under control. A good MSP can help address any weaknesses in your system and give IT support without breaking the bank. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help manage IT and add security to your business.

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