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By: Marketing Team on April 12th, 2022

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Strengthen Your Defense with These Cybersecurity Must-Haves


Setting up cybersecurity is not a one-and-done process. Just because you invested in state-of-the-art cybersecurity five years ago doesn't mean it can protect your business from digital threats forever. 

Your cyber-defense needs constant checking and updating to work effectively. Its defense structure will deteriorate without the regular update, exposing your business to cyber-attacks. 

Moreover, cybercriminals are coming up with sophisticated ways to infiltrate network security. Their methods have come a long way in the past years, and your old security system might not be enough to halt them.  

If your business's cyber-defense is not ready to fend off these new attack methods, you're placing your company in grave danger. 

At Intelligent Technical Solutions, we help hundreds of businesses keep their cybersecurity strong with constant updates on their network defense.

What Your Business Needs to Prevent Cyber Threats 

This article will discuss three critical cybersecurity that your business needs in preventing cyber threats from breaching your network. 

Understanding and Acknowledging Threats 

Thinking about Cybersecurtity and defenseCyberattacks have undergone immense changes in the past years. As technology evolves, cybercriminals look for new methods to penetrate their target's network. 

For example, cybercriminals now use social engineering tactics like phishing in attacking businesses. This type of attack uses compelling messages to trick its target. 

Its subject is usually about a compromised account. They will tell you that you need to visit a site or download software to fix it. But, the link either leads to a fake website where they can steal your credentials or instantly download the attached malware, which can harvest data from your device without you even realizing it.  

The best way to avoid falling into their schemes is to create your cybersecurity policy. Its goal is to educate and prepare your team for the different cyberattack scenarios they may encounter. Your policy should include: 

  • Common types of cyberattacks your business might encounter 
  • How to spot cyberattacks 
  • Ways to prevent being attacked by cybercriminals 
  • Guide on how to manage a cyberattack 
  • How to recover from a cyberattack 

Training and refresher activities should also be held regularly to maintain a high level of awareness within the team. 

Same as cybersecurity, your policy should receive constant updates to stay relevant. 

Constant Update 

Updates are an essential part of your cybersecurity. Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in your network. When they find one, they will exploit them to the fullest. 

Something as simple as outdated antivirus software can be their portal through your network. Once in, hackers can gather all the essential data they can take for their benefit. 

The same goes for your hardware. As technology progresses, older machines become obsolete. Manufacturers and developers often discontinue support for older devices to focus on creating and supporting new ones. When they drop support for a product you use, this is a good indicator that you need to replace it. Older devices are also far easier to infiltrate compared to newer models. 

Outdated hardware also poses a risk of bogging down your team's productivity. After reaching its expected lifespan, your hardware will likely lose efficiency and become prone to breakdowns. When that hits, your productivity will be affected. 

You might balk at buying new technology, but the cost is well worth it in the long run. The price of renewing your antivirus software is trivial compared to the expense you'll deal with after a data breach. Some small businesses never recover after a hack—it's just too expensive. 

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Proactive Network Monitoring 

Proactive Network Monitoring can make a tremendous difference in the security of your network. It can help prevent minor bumps from becoming significant problems by detecting and resolving them early. 

Proactive monitoring means your network is guarded 24/7. Each ping and entry to your network is monitored and checked. Threats are stopped at the entry point. Hardware and software receive regular updating and condition checks. It will also ensure that your team will run at 100% efficiency every day.  

Proactive monitoring will also result in your team having more time to focus on your actual role, which leads to better performance.  

Do You Have These 3 Critical Cybersecurity Must-Haves? 

3 Critical CybersecurityOutdated cybersecurity poses a significant risk for your business and employees. It leaves your network and essential data vulnerable to cybercriminals. 

Get a cybersecurity handbook to help your team understand cyber threats. Make sure your antivirus and cybersecurity software is on its latest version. If budget permits, do the same on your hardware, as it will help beef up both productivity and defense. 

Proactive Network Monitoring is also an excellent investment for your business. It helps identify issues before they become a genuine threat to your business. 

These may sound overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. A Managed IT Service provider can help set up a strong defense against cyber threats and maintain it for you. Besides, nothing beats having peace of mind knowing someone is watching over you. 

At ITS, we help businesses receive the latest updates on their network security. 

Learn more about how you can improve your cybersecurity by reading our article entitled 10 Ways to Secure Your Business Network. 

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